Golden State's Kevin Durant was reportedly having Achilles tendon rupture injury. Though he has not been tested yet, he played in the NBA playoff final game 5 against the Toronto Raptors on June 11, but he has not returned since he was injured. As he grabbed his right ankle when he was injured, it was expected he his suffering from Achilles tendon rupture injury.

Durant returned with a long gap behind. He got back a month after he had a calf injury, and he played normally. But there was an unexpected situation. Durant appealed for pain during the game. The calf injuries he was having about a month ago were not recurring, but the current injury is more serious. Durant grabbed his ankle and signaled that he could not play, and he could not come back.

With the news that Durant can not return during the match, Durant was unable to play in the series. This means that he can no longer play in the playoffs. There are no results yet, but it is Achilles tendon rupture injury, there is a good chance he will not play in the coming 2019-2020 season.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​had already had a blank for about a year due to the same injury. It was not even a team that offered him a definitive contract last summer. In other words, Durant seems to have suffered a similar injury, so there is a high possibility that he will go out of business for the next season.

The injury also raised doubts on Durant's offseason. Presently there is a high possibility of remaining without using player options. It is a little bit early to talk about the transfer market while the finals are not over yet, but it is more realistic he become a free agent after the end of the next season after leaving the season with options.

Klay Thompson's duties may also change if duant remain. Golden State's salary cap is not enough. It may be possible to offer Thompson a contract, but it is difficult to propose a large contract to capture Thompson who desires best treatment. Eventually, the rise of Durant also increased the chance that Golden State will face a limited choice in the offseason.

Toronto got a little cheerful, Just because Durant did not play. Toronto was able to unfold the game throughout the series. In addition, the fact that Durant is not going to be in the sixth and seventh games is enough for Toronto.

Fortunately for the unfortunate, Golden State succeeded in regaining the knighthood by catching the fifth game in the open. However, after surviving the battle, Now Golden State have to pick up the sixth game so that they can drive the series to the last game. Golden State will have to pour all the power out of the remaining games if they lose one of the games.

Durant's injury is shocking and fatal, he would have been a considerable pressure on the opponent. However, the fact that the weight of the series is still leaning toward Toronto as it is getting out of the heat due to a serious injury. It is also against the Golden State that the 7th game is held in Toronto even if Golden State takes the sixth game.

The Golden State is in the final stages of the playoffs, with all but one of the main spots except for Draymond Green.

Stephen Curry (finger), Thompson (hamstring), Kevin Durant (calf), Andre Iguodala (leg), Kevon Looney (clavicle) and Cousins (quadriceps) were all injured on the back of the Golden State's three-game losing challenge.

I wonder if Golden State will be able to make a difference at the end of this series.
Golden State is not free from injuries in the playoffs, so it is in a dire situation.