It was stunning the way the Milwaukee Bucks emerged as the winner of their match against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night; the team did a great job as they vividly broke through the defense of their opponent (Toronto Raptors) and earned themselves a great victory.

The match was tough as at the end of the first half with the Raptors having 59pts while the host team (Milwaukee Bucks) was having 51pts and that made the Raptors to be leading with 8pts. However, there was some sort of improvements in the host team’s performance after the break which made them bridge the 8pts gap between them and their opponent.

The first 29point was made by the American professional basketball player, Brook Lopez. Who plays center for the victorious team; he also had 11rebounds hence, contributed greatly towards the victory of his team with his career-high playoff performance.

Although, the Raptors also made quite an effort to win the match with Kawhi Leonard scoring 31pts and Kyle Lowry creating additional 30pts which resulted to a lead of 83-76 into the final quarter.

However, the hosting team (Milwaukee Bucks) was so determined to win the match and exhibited an astonishing style of come back to take back the lead from the Raptors.

The coach of the victorious team, Mike Budenholzer said and I quote “if we stick to what we’re doing, hopefully, good things will happens to us”. So I guess the winning team stuck to what they were doing and something good eventually happened to them.