Another curtain for a basketball star and one of the greatest international players has now comes to closed, after 16 seasons in the NBA Manu calls it quits. We always feel sad and nostalgic every time a legend retires and its no different with Ginobili he is for sure one of the most entertaining to watch in the NBA court. He is not only a great basketball player but a good ambassador of the game with him taking the euro steps into a whole another level, although he didn't invented it but he re-invented it that it became like a virus now not only in the NBA but all around the Globe.

If fans are saddened by his recent announcement, of course its the same for his fellow players, team mates and competitors. He is one of the fearless competitors we have ever seen, not shying away from moments where it matters most. And as his career winds down with a decorated basketball years both in the NBA and internationally may we look at some tweets of his peers in the NBA.


Manu Ginobili is the 57th overall pick of the San Antonio Spurs in the 1999 NBA draft, considering that he is one of the last picks then there is no argument that he is one of the greatest slippers or steals in the NBA history. He is a 4-time NBA champion, 2 time NBA All Star, Sixth Man of the year, EuroLeague Finals MVP, 2 Time Italian League MVP etc. He not only accomplished what many dreamed of but closing his career with style. One of his best accomplishments is the 2004 Men Basketball Olympics where they shocked the USA team in the semis and latter brought the gold medal for the Argentinian National Team.

We've watched him toe to toe with Kobe during their prime in a lot of different occasions whether its playoffs or regular season considering they are in the same conference. That's why its no surprise at all that many of his peers will missed him, and ofcourse he's done it with a swag.

A Sure-Fire Hall Of Famer 

Manu is a sure-fire hall of famer, he is considered and arguably the greatest sixth man in the history of the NBA. He embraced the unselfish and winning caliber of the game, he volunteered for the sixth man role that's why he deserved to be the best in this certain conversation. He doesn't care much for numbers but for winning games and championships and many accolades proved it, he should be in the first ballot for the enshrinement.

Some defined a hall of famer like, you can't tell the whole story of an era without mentioning them and in Manu's case during his stint or career you can't tell the story of basketball without mentioning him. He was probably the first post modern era and a vital and important player of it. He is in the conversation of one of the brilliant and genius passers like Kidd, Magic or Bird, he belongs in that category. He paved the way for Three-and-D guys in today's game and the basketball community will be forever grateful on how he influenced the sports and the right way to play it.