Kevin Durant help the Warriors dominate the last three seasons but fell short in their last conquest due to injuries of the team as a whole. During those years that KD is wearing the Warriors uniform somehow the team slightly lost their identity and most of the times relied on KD during crunch time. So this news that some of the executives of the GSW wanted to pay him back by retiring his jersey even when they move to a new arena.

But right now remember a couple months back, I think back in July whenever the Warriors owner Jacob Joel a cub talked to the media about retiring Kevin Durant's number and everyone was like whoa whoa really and he was like yeah we're not for sure retire Kevin Durant's number well he's kind of walked back the idea of retire as in his remember this season so first here's what he said in July first Joe Lake about the partial owner in the war said quote;

“As long as I'm co-chair of this team no player will ever wear number 35 for the Warriors again”

Now we read that and it was like whoa It means this season 35 off limits for a guy who was obviously excellent but left now here's what he said just this past week I changed up a little bit the intention is to retire his number but we specifically said it that way for now because he's still playing it's kind of inappropriate to some extent to say you're gonna retire his number when he's still playing the lead but that's the intention so they kind of come back a little bit and gone well we'll retire it.

But probably whenever he retires would be still in the leaf I think he's kind of having to walk things back because a lot of Warriors fans are not happy about this I think we read the comments down below and I'm gonna ask you guys should the Warriors retire Durant's number there's a lot of kind of mixed feelings here because, many people felt Durant was a rental that he would never really true warriors just kind of a guy wanted to come get some chips he's not as perceive like Steph and Klay in the Bay Area.

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