What is going on Scorum nation here we are again with another episode of NBA EXPRESS so today we are getting some information from Clutch Points and actually this was an old news but might be new to some so lets get it on.

Big baller brand has found itself wrapped up in another national controversy but this time they are the victims how does one point five million dollars disappear from the company the answer is someone you've probably never heard of before his name is Alan Foster Foster's ties with the balls dates way back to 2010 when Lonzo became friends with Foster's son.

Foster immediately gravitated towards the ball family and Lavar was completely sold on his newfound friend he's even quoted saying this dude is one of the smartest suckers ever he knows how everything goes we had shirts made that said team ball and unbelievable Foster said

Lavar your creativity is crazy let's create your brand man your brain is bigger than anything somebody's going to run away with your man and run away he did foster convinced Lavar to start his brand and it became big baller brand.

Lavar’s first order of business was hiring Foster as the business manager and cutting him a 16 point three percent stake in the company in 2018 two years after officially founding big baller brand Lonzo grew suspicious of Foster after his financial advisor humble Lou conga sent him an alarming email regarding the missing funds the email reads Foster won't show any invoices or documentation of these expenses.

I've never seen a company operate about withdrawing millions in cash only goo and foster can withdraw cash and I know you didn't take out 1.5 million dollars so where's the money there are some shady events that we and even the balls didn't know about Alan Foster Foster is a veteran fraud a convicted felon who served seven years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of mail fraud and two counts of money laundering in 2002 he racked up four million dollars in fraud.

Lonzo found out about Foster's troubled past when a news reporter brought it up in an interview that's right the 51% majority owner of BBB had no idea that foster did seven years of hard time if you're Alonzo it makes complete sense to be mad and fire your dad's friend instead of signing a guaranteed million-dollar endorsement deal with an established brand he bought into Foster's janky scheme so what did Lavar have to say about all this.

I've always believed in the best people regretfully I put my complete trust in Alan Foster to manage my son's business affairs at the end of the day family comes first and I support Zo wholeheartedly together we will make this right if the coffin wasn't already nailed big baller brand received a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau in 2018 and the Federal Trade Commission reported an approximate 200 complaints from April 2017 to January of 2019 triple B is a new meaning now broken baller brand or is there another acronym you prefer.




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