The Clippers the Lakers and the Rockets these are the Western Conference teams that everyone is talking about this offseason and it's understandable to a certain extent all of these teams have their new shiny super star tandems and appear poised to make serious title runs with that being said one of the most proven and experienced teams is being overlooked before the seasons even started and of course I'm talking about the Golden State Warriors ever since Kevin Durant joined the Warriors in the summer of 2016 many NBA fans have been anxiously waiting for the dismantling and the end of the Warriors dynasty and I believe that hope and anticipation for something new in the NBA is what's influencing plenty of people to proclaim the Warriors era is over.

But in this article we're gonna swallow a major red pill and I'll explain the reality of why that's far from the case let me start by saying this yes I understand that the Warriors lost Kevin Durant Andre Iguodala and boogie cousins this offseason and I understand that Steph will have to carry a heavier load since klay Thompson is going to miss significant amount of time as he recovers from his ACL tear with that being said the Warriors core group will still be intact when the playoffs roll around with Steph Curry klay Thompson and draymond Green of course losing Kevin Durant was a tremendous loss.

But the core group of their three original stars are still the bread and butter of the Warriors dynasty these three guys embody their play style their culture and their winning basketball let's remember that this is the same group of core players that won the championship in 2015 and then went on to have a 73 and ninth season the following year let's also remember that in the last five years since the Warriors started winning championships no one has beat a healthy Warriors team even in 2016 when LeBron led the Cavs over the Warriors Andrew Bogut missed the deciding seventh game and Steph Curry never fully mrecovered from his lingering knee injury if they're fully healthy by the time the playoffs start this group will be extremely poised experienced and difficult to beat in a seven-game series.

I expect a productive and MVP caliber season from Steph we also have to look at his new running mate in the backcourt at least while klay Thompson is out and I'm obviously talking about D'Angelo Russell it's easy to forget that D'Angelo is a blooming superstar who's getting better and is still only 23 years old D'Angelo is also a terrific fit with Steph Curry yes you heard me correctly he's a great fit in the backcourt with Steph as long as the Warriors play their cards correctly I understand the D'Angelo and Steph are both typically playing as point guards but the Warriors have a unique system and curry is a unique player the Warriors are a team and system that prides themselves upon moving the ball and making the extra pass Steph Curry is also the best off ball guard in the entire NBA and if you ask me it's not close Steph is constantly moving without the basketball and looking for clean looks to shoot.

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