What’s up sports fans here we are again with another article of NBA EXPRESS and one Steve Kerr Warrior’s head coach decides to go ahead and bring up Kevin Durant then I have to report on what he said I remember basically the Warriors lost Kevin Durant and klay Thompson back during the NBA Finals of last year now Durant would wait a little bit longer to decide to go to Brooklyn and of course Klay Thompson is coming back but as of right now both are gonna be gone from the Golden State Warriors for the majority of this season Durant obviously forever while Klay Thompson back March April May depending on when they see if he fully heals.

Steve Kerr though has a very interesting quote will show you guys right now talking about how basically he thinks that the loss of Klay Thompson is way more important way bigger than Kevin Durant here's the quote

“Klay being out is really the big change losing Kevin Andre Shawn obviously those are huge losses losing Kevin on top of all that or losing Klay on top of all that really changed the way round we used to play at both ends”

Now this is a great topic to bring up to you guys to help debate on which is a bigger loss for the Golden State is it now it's very easy to go well you know Durant's the best scorer in the league one of the top players in the entire NBA top players of his generation I mean Durant is special right he's an all-time player but does he get too much love from the media his Klay because he's quiet is the number two number three option on a team kind of get a little bit in a silence pushback from the media at all making it seem like it he's an easier choice to not be the biggest loss for the Warriors this offseason here are the stats comparing them.

Again it's hard to compare it as well Durant averaging more points averaging more rebounds there any more assists and shoots a little bit better from three but again let me just argue in favor of Steve Kerr here saying that Klay Thompson is a bigger factor now Durant can guard both ends yes Durant is a great defender but Klay Thompson is also an elite defender and a great scorer who doesn't need the basketball in his hands to be a great scorer like you talking about the amount of games he has or it takes like three dribbles the entire night.

It's all catch and shoot you know catch one dribble shoot he's fantastic in that and I think really you know is it is it part of the offense that the Warriors really want to run this offseason that's like why why it's Steve kerr saying that Thompson is a bigger loss now with that being said if this team had Kevin Durant right now would they be the favorites in the Western Conference to go to the NBA Finals without klay Thompson you put around that team without Thompson yes although I would still argue that with a Thompson right now without Durant and the rest of the Warriors that are here obviously with stuff and with D'Angelo and all those players I think they would still be one of the top two of not top three favorites in the entire Western Conference so Klay will come back and he should be fine.




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