Welcome to yet another article of NBA EXPRESS and ofcourse we love to talk about the what ifs of every sports not just that but also we wonder the what ifs of our life and this one would really change the landscape of the NBA season coming up here in 2019 and 2020 could Kevin Durant actually play this season now listen Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in Game five of the NBA Finals last year he barely played in the post season and everyone has basically assumed and written it off that leg Durant is not gonna be playing this year.

For others information, Achilles tendon takes at least 12 months to go if not longer to get back to where you want to be but the New York Post is reporting that Durant could be back this season not just a New York Post there are other media outlets as well that are saying reputable NBA insiders I guess that are saying that the the word on the league inside league offices is that Durant could come back sometime next year now again NBA season 2019 2020 so after Christmas after the new year January February March April May those are all months that potentially could see Durant come back.

As we all knew, Durant was excellent last year in the post season I mean my goodness 32 points per game 51% from the field 44% from three shot 90 percent from free throws as he normally does but again the whole question is is he actually going to be able to be ready to go this season let's just say to us how big doesn't impact is this half for the Eastern Conference thinking about the identity of Brooklyn Nets I mean right now with Kyrie Irving they basically are the fit 6 7 best team in the Eastern Conference.

Does anyone actually think just with Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan that they're a top two top three team no I don't think so unless you're an EPS fan and you're like oh well you know we have nice pieces along with Kyrie Irving but regardless majority of the NBA's not putting a lot of high hopes on the Nets this year the hope is that when to rank its back then they could be a powerhouse in the East but if Durant were able to come back say in a maze say in a playoff scenario when he's getting ready for post-season if they're 50 or 60 that could dramatically impact the weight of the Eastern Conference.






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