What is going on here sportstalkers welcome to another article of NBA EXPRESS and today we are going to dive in with a little bit of bad news after consecutive of hypes surrounding Zion Williamson. Zion Williamson set to miss the first few weeks with a knee injury they sat him out. The Pelicans did the last preseason game they were doing some tests and it does not feel or they don't think it's a severe injury but they're gonna preach caution here and not rush him back they called it knee soreness at first.

ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski said in a report;

“Weeks who knows how long that'll be I would say probably a month or so they're gonna hold him out for the foreseeable future and not rush him back and for good reason he's the number one pick he's your future of your franchise and you saw what he did in the preseason games he did play in averaged over 23 points six and a half rebounds two assists shot over 70% from the floor as well so again Zion Williamson set to miss some time”

The Pelicans doing some precaution is not bad either as most athletes that rush back and ignore their injuries often times suffers from career ending injuries. The Philadelpia 76ers is one of the team that can be replicated in terms of taking the time to heal Joel Embiid’s injury and let the process took control.

Definitely in my honest opinion Zion should lose some weight may be 10 lbs a year is not bad so he can adjust more naturally. Because at 6 foot 6 that height can’t hold the 82 grinding games of the regular season with a body mass of 285 lbs and that is insane strain on his legs and knees.

Zion is a one in a lifetime or generation kind of talent so wasting his gifts is like a crime, hopefully the Pelicans organization can aid and help him to develop and support Zion in disciplining his weight management. At only 19 years of age Williamson is now playing at an all-star level in this preseason games, so taking care of him to reach his full potential is the best thing an organization can do.






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