What is up here on NBA EXPRESS? The Rockets potentially moving on from Russell Westbrook at the trade deadline now this is weird because Westbrook was just traded this past offseason to the Rockets after the Rockets got rid of Chris Paul. You know the whole swap from the Thunder the Rockets we understand what happened but Houston and this is really not that debatable has been better when Westbrook is not on the floor when it's just been James Harden.

Two ball dominant point guards they're better when only one ball dumb and a point guard is on the floor just blows my mind not really but you get my point Westbrook has three years left on his deal that varies from like 41 million dollars to 44 million dollars like 46 47 million dollar suites expensive.

But where this all came to be in terms of potentially being a trade Daryl Morey the GM of the Rockets actively calling people saying hey I've got a dump I've got to dump Westbrook well of course he wouldn't do it that way.

But there are people who believe Westbrook is available and that Daryl knows I've got to figure something out here now the interesting part about this one is that obviously Russell Westbrook is available to that. What Morey has to figure out is how the heck he's finally going to go ahead and win the Western Conference.







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