When do I drive to the basket? How do I spot that opportunities and take advantage quickly? Etc are all common questions in the game of basketball. Now first, I want to say that the vast majority of top tier Hooper's, they do this subconsciously, as they play it just comes naturally from years of experience. But if you have trouble with your decision, you can definitely start applying these tips in game and it'll become more and more subconscious.

So there are two parts to this, surveying that help defense to reefer opportunities and then reading your immediate defense. I'll go over that second line of defense first and give y'all a few sides for when to attack that defense. Okay, so first, this is much more common in the game because the defensive three second call, but if you see the paint empty, Defender outside of the paint, it's a sign that they're out of position and maybe out of control sliding over once you get to them. But that's sort of a gray area, sometimes they'll be ready, sometimes they won't. So at this point, it's about the momentum and their position.If they're turned away from you even slightly, or they're moving away from you, probably because they're distracted by the weak side action, It'd be a good opportunity to drive.

It's also all the way down to the body language. When they're standing straight up, It's gonna be hard for them to drop into an athletic position and get over in time for a great contest. I mean, even if these defenders do get over, it's much more difficult for them to contest because they're out of control and haven't timed it correctly.

Next, if you're driving and see that your teammate has a defender seal, it can be a good chance to go. If you're on the same page and your teammate is experienced, they'll see a lot the defense which can lead to a wide open light. It also sounds crazy, but sometimes when the paint seems loaded because there are two defenders it can be an opportunity for you. If you're in a drive, and spot two defenders split the bucket, there's a good chance that both will fall into the trap with a bystander effect, they'll just let you go because they expect the other one to jump at you. If you're aggressive and confident in this situation, most of the time it'll work out.

In a semi transition situation or basically when the defense is back but not fully said there will many times be an opportunity, usually when the entire defense and especially the rim protector is backpedaling, It's a green light most of the time, especially when they're lacking intensity. If their momentum and position is tailored towards you, it gives you the opportunity to turn and beat them to the opposite direction, and lastly, if you're in a real game and not just a pickup game, if the help defenders is in foul trouble and you have an opportunity, take it.

One giveaway sign is footwork. Many times the defender will give you a top foot one foot in front of the other, In this case, the majority of the time the best option is to drive towards that top so they have to rotate their entire body to keep up but sometimes if they're overly forcing you to one side it may be best to take advantage of it, giving you see an opportunity.

Another giveaway sign is momentum, which I won't go all the way into because there's so much to talk about but it's also another dead giveaway. The goal here to attack defenders when their momentum is moving in certain directions whether you get them moving that way with the dribble or you just notice it within the flow of the game. You have to take advantage whether they're moving forward, laterally or even backwards, attack these situations and get an advantage, even if you can't get all the way down.

And other than that it's all about mindset. Do you have it set in your mind that you're in control over the defender, not that you will react to what they're doing? It'll open up so much for you but of course once you get down here, you still have to make some decisions.

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