VENICE, CA - Four days.

A new giant LeBron James mural in Venice, California welcoming the King to the Los Angeles Lakers has been vandalized again. Wednesday, the artist covered the entire piece, just four days after the original was completed.

LeBron James mural vandalized again (via partypreet/Instagram)

Saturday, Los Angeles artists Jonas Never and Fernando Valdez completed a large masterpiece celebrating LeBron’s agreement to join the Lakers reading “The King of L.A.” and featuring James in a gold Lakers jersey. The painting is located 15 miles west of Staples Center at the Baby Blues BBQ restaurant.

The mural lasted only four days.

Less than a day after completion - the mural had markings reading “We Don’t Want You,” “LeFraud,” “No King,” and “3-6,” in reference to his NBA Finals record. James’ mouth was also painted over with yellow graffiti.

You can read more about Sunday’s original vandalism act here.

The mural was first destroyed less than a day after completion.

After Never repaired his mural Sunday, it was defaced again, reportedly at midnight Wednesday. Yellow paint is splashed across the left half of the piece with a large “X” over LeBron’s face.

Never has now covered his destroyed tableau in white, citing he didn’t have enough time to clean this one up. He says he will painting his masterpiece again another time. He talked about who he suspects would deface his piece not once, but twice.

“I don’t know if it’s LeBron haters or Kobe [Bryant] fans or just somebody who wants attention.”

“I don’t know if it’s LeBron haters or Kobe [Bryant] fans or just somebody who wants attention.”

LeBron's new teammate, Josh Hart, reacted on Twitter to the mural being vandalized again.

Lakers Josh Hart: "This is sad and disrespectful... LA we better than this"

These vandals are clearly painting a black picture of a Lakers fanbase looking to their newest superstar to lead them back to championship prestige.

Before and After