The Kobe & Shaq Interview of the 2000s, perhaps the second best of all time, talks about how they met and what was going on. Shaq '' I've known Kobe for a long time and I've always wanted to ask. I'm in New Jersey. You're from the Philadelphia area. You went to Italy and I lived in Germany for a while. How to grow in Italy? ’’ Kobe '' We were all children, I was 6 years old and we found ourselves in Italian culture, there were no American rules. ’‘

Shaq ''Amerikan Where did you find your ruthless and ambitious instincts? ’’ Kobe? I was the only one there as an American child and gave myself more to basketball. You find many consolations in the game. Italian kids don't accept you as foreigners. I've always been a stranger in the environment and had to look for a form of revenge.

Shaq '' Do you remember what you said to me once? At our first meeting at the Lakers' old stadium, you said, ‘You said you would be the best player ever Do you remember? ''

Kobe Sounds like I said

Shaq '' We said it would be OK '' :)


Shaq ''Another thing you said was that I would be better than Michael Jordan. You used to watch him in high school, but you have similarities. But that day I realized Michael could pass Jordan. Kobe I wish it were. We used to say black panther ’’ and they would say pan, Black Jesus ’’. He hurt me every time I hurt him. Micheal Jordan told me ’Try to be all over the game and come back’' He took me under the wing and taught me a lot of things. He showed me how to lead.

And one day...

Kobe Bryant is leaving behind big Michael Jordan. He is the 3rd highest scorer at all times.

Kobe '' As an actor who passed Michael Jordan, he still passed the information to me here. I'm breathing that way. I'm in the game with that spirit.''


Kobe '' Many people know that our first meeting with you was in Orlando, back then, and I came to take a picture. (With Shaq) Can we take a photo? I asked. We met there for the first time.

Shaq ’‘ I know. I was a Magic player in Orlando. I got a call from Jerry West when I was in Atlanta. He asked me what I wanted to get me into the Lakers. I was 150 giving Jerry 120 who did not have another 150 giving. You will win 3-4 championships with Charlotte (this guy was bought by Kobe Bryant, Lakers). When we trained together for the first time, I realized the size. There's more to you than an 18-year-old player waits for a warning and some don't want a warning, but you asked for it. They laughed at you for not throwing the ball in a game, but it didn't make you mad. What I said to you that day ... "Hey, one day I said everybody would be scared of you."

Kobe ''I remember. Travis Knight was on the team at the first practice. You've dealt with her in any way to destroy it. He was afraid of getting on the bus. I didn't respect people, you could be a bully. You were testing them. I had the competitive fire I saw. I saw how ambitious your opponents were afraid of you and feared confrontation.