Basketball, which has become a trend in the present, certainly cannot be separated from history, also the first inventor of this game or sport. The creator of the basketball game is certainly a historical figure who deserves to be remembered for his services in the field of sports. Well, to find out more about the history of basketball games, the creators of basketball games or the creators of basketball, here are the full reviews.

Basketball games are one sport that is considered unique. Initially, this game was created by a sports teacher in 1891 in Canada. The person who has contributed to creating this sport is a sports teacher at a well-known professional student school, the YMCA. The sports teacher named Dr. James Naismith.

Dr. James Naismith created a basketball game inspired by the game he had played in childhood in Ontario. The discovery of the basketball game was precisely on December 15, 1891. Based on the story, after the rejection of basketball games that were considered too hard and not appropriate if played in a closed room then Dr. James Naismith decided to write the basic rules of basketball games and make a ring attached to the wall of the sports arena.

After that, he asked his students to practice basketball games based on the rules he had made. Shortly thereafter the first basketball match was held on January 20, 1982 at Dr. James Naismith. After the match, basketball sports were famous throughout America and followed by many matches.

After we know about the history of basketball games, we will then explore the creators of basketball games. Basketball was first created by a sports teacher at a Canadian YMCA school named Dr. James Naismith. This sports teacher is the first person to introduce basketball games and write basic rules for basketball games. At first, the basketball game was played by nine people in each team. Basketball is led not by dribble but by throwing.

Dr. James Naismith was born on November 6, 1861 in Almonte, Canada West, and died on November 28, 1939 at the age of 78 years. When De. James Smith works as an education teacher at the YMCA school in Springfield, trying to find ways to get rid of boredom in his students in winter sports. Finally Dr. James Smith created a game called a basketball game that was inspired by the game he had played in Ontario.

While attending the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Dr. James Smith won the title as Honorary President of the International Basketball Federation. He was born a Canadian citizen but officially moved to the American state on May 4, 1925.