So I was on Discord and one of my buddies @swolesome dropped the link to this site.  He sounded pretty excited about it and so far things look pretty cool on here.  I am definitely a sports guy but as of lately I haven't been watching much sports.

Sometimes I will watch a couple ESPN videos on YouTube about certain popular topics.  Right now for me the most interesting topic in sports is the Lebron vs. Jordan debate.  Some people really think Lebron is the better athlete but I beg to differ.  I had the luxury of watching both players play.  Growing up in the 90's watching a game with Michael Jordan playing in it was probably the most exciting thing to watch on TV.  Watching him play we all knew he was going to do something spectacular.  He never disappointed either.  I remember watching the last shot he took as a Chicago Bulls which ended up winning him his 6th Championship ring.  It was the craziest game I have ever seen!!!!

Now back to Scorum and this amazing new platform.  It seems very cool and this thing could really take off!!!! I have been posting for over a year on Steemit and it has been going pretty good for me over there.  Feel free to check out my blog over there @mrviquez!!!! So to see another project similar to Steemit catering to a specific niche is great.  I still have to finish reading the whitepaper so that I can understand how this place works a little better. 

I have so many questions.  Like when you receive a post payout how do you receive it.  100% liquid 50-50 100% vested??  Are there any plans to have this coin listed on other exchanges?  I have more questions that I will probably end up answering myself by reading the whitepaper completely.  For now please feel free to leave comments answering any of my questions!!!!!

Also I would love to know who you guys think is better Michael Jordan or Lebron James????