This is my first experience on this new, innovative, and exciting platform which enables individuals to express interests while having meaningful conversations with people around the world. This caught my attention as i research and explore new blockchain concepts everyday and found the Scorum platform.

My name is Nathan and my plan is to deliver quality content and blogs which focus on the important factors regarding Blockchain technology, the NBA, and certain games i tend to enjoy.

I plan to give readers an insight into the blockchain/cryptocurrency world which has been gaining major attention over the last couple years. Through this series, i plan to give an overview of the history of the market, an in-depth analysis on each top 20 coin which has a promising future, and insight into how blockchain can change everyday living which is being demonstrated through this platform.

The NBA has always been a passion of mine and i plan to deliver quality content regarding news surrounding the league, future predictions such as MVP's and final contenders, and general articles demonstrating my interests in the sport and what i expect to occur throughout the season. This will allow me to connect with individuals across the world to discuss and debate NBA topics that we enjoy and this will enable us to educate and aid future users of this unique platform.

Everday i explored marketing and programming concepts to further educate myself and enable a greater ability to contribute to new innovations and concepts such as Scorum to allow me to educate individuals whilst being educated at the same time.

If anyone would like to discuss any of these concepts, leave a comment below!

Stay tuned to enjoy further NBA and Blockchain discussions!