Los Angeles Clippers won with Orlando Magic 106:96. For the first time in Los Angeles there was organized thematic event which is organized for years by Marcin Gortat in the United States. This time, the watchword that promoted Poland and Polish Heritage Day was 'The Polish Day'.

  • This is the eighth edition of the event from the "Polish Heritage Day" series.
  • This time, the watchword that promoted Poland was 'The Polish Day'.
  • The record of the number of Polish public was broken, 1,500 Polish fans came to see the match.

For the only Polish basketball player in the NBA, the organization of this campaign in the current season was a greater challenge than in previous years - Gortat changed the club colors during the summer, he moved from Washington Wizards to Los Angeles Clippers.

Numerous special guests appeared at the match - there were winners of basketball tournaments organized by Gortat in Poland for children and youth, and Cheerleaders Wrocław dance team. There were also representatives of Polish culture, art and sport, such as: the actresses - Iza Miko, boxer - Andrzej Fonfara and very famous Polish singer - Edyta Górniak.

A few days earlier, Marcin Gortat played his best match of the season, against Phoenix Suns, scoring double-double with 18 points and 13 rebounds. In the battle against Orlando Magic, the statistics of the "Polish Hammer" were not so impressive, but his performance can be considered good.

The Pole was on the floor for a total of 25 minutes, he scored half of the throws from the game (four out of eight), he recorded 10 rebounds (the most in the team). He had as many as six assists, as well as loss and three fouls. Gortat was very good at setting screens, which made it easier for his friends to earn points.

The hosts at the beginnig didn't play so well. In the first quarter they scored only 19 points and were losing a double digit difference of 18:28.

After first quarter Marcin told his team 'Listen the whole country is watching, so don't embarass me. Don't embarass me guys, there is a lot of Polish people in arena. We can't lose this game' - said Gortat after the match.

Clippers have not lost any of the next three quarters. Losses were almost completely recovered at the halfway point, when it was 45:47. In the third qyarter, the basketball players from Los Angeles took over the lead, the first in the game the advantage of Doc Rivers' charges took place after the nice action of Marcin Gortat. In the last part of the game, Los Angeles maintained and even increased their lead. It was the 11th consecutive victory of LA Clippers over Orlando Magic, the series began in the 2013/14 season.

I felt that many teammates tried to help me today, I also appreciate the fact that I could play these few minutes more. The most important is, of course, the winnings and the fact that I was usefull in this game. Individual statistics do not interest me so much" - said Gortat.

Balance of 23 wins and 16 defeats gives LA Clippers the fourth place in the Western Conference. They will play the next match on Wednesday night against Charlotte Hornets.

What polish word - WYSPORTOWANY - means and how to pronounce it?

Below you can watch fun video and see what various players think 'wysportowany' means and how they pronounce it. At the end Marcin Gortat pronounce it correctly and explains what it means. Before watching you can also try to pronounce it or guess what it means and let me know in the comment section if you were close :)

Marcin also thanked Polish community for supporting and for being with him.

What can I say, I think Polish community also want to thank Marcin for representing Poland in the NBA as well as for his all great initiatives to promote Poland abroad and basketball in Poland.