Sunday's defeat of the LA Lakers, 107-131 by the Boston Celtics was the 5th consecutive loss for the Lakers, they now sit on 11th position on the Western Conference table, though they still have a mathematical chance of still making the playoffs, but realistically, with the way Lakers are playing, it will take something special and dramatic for the Lakers to make the playoffs, with just 17 games to go, and thus, LeBron's incredible 13 consecutive playoffs is in great danger. Only 3 players had more consecutive NBA Finals appearances than LeBron; Bill Russell-10, Sam Jones-9, Tom Heinsohn-9, Frank Ramsey-8, LeBron James-8, and even fewer had more consecutive playoffs, as shown below,


LeBron James, widely known as the GOAT of the NBA because of his achievements right from his draft into the Cleveland Cavaliers, to his trade to the Miami Heats and the present. His remarkable 13 consecutive years in the playoffs, 8 straight NBA finals since 2011, and 3 championships are worthy of all the accolades he's received. His 3 championship wins, includes a back to back triumph with the Miami Heats in 2012 & 2013, and on his return to Cleveland Cavaliers, he helped the Cavs to win their 1st ever title in 52 years in 2016.

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So, what happened to LeBron? could his recent dip in form be attributed to the injury sustained early in the year? or Is he just being caught up in the Lakers' playoffs drought? The Los Angeles Lakers last appearance in the playoffs was an opening round loss, 0-4 to San Antonio Spurs in 2012-13, and last won the NBA championship in 2009-10, defeating Boston Celtic 4-3, a 3rd successive defence of the title from 2007-08. Their 5-years playoffs drought may have played a major role in bringing in LeBron James at the beginning of the season, to bring back the good old glory days, but it was not the season both LeBron and Lakers had hoped for so far.

Where did it go wrong for the Lakers? It started right from the 1st-3 matches of the regular season where Lakers lost the 1st game 119-128 to Portland Trail Blazers, then the next, a home loss, 115-124 to Houston Rockets(a game that was also marred with on-court scuffle), and the 3rd, an agonizing overtime loss, 142-143 to San Antonio Spurs. Though the Lakers picked up from the losses, and win the next 2 games, they never really get hold of the season, as they could not go 5 straight games without a defeat, more like 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards.

Lakers 5 games losing streak includes 120-131 loss to Milwaukee Bucks, 109-118 lost to Phoenix Suns, 105-113 loss to Los Angeles Clippers, 99-115 loss to Denver Nuggets and the Boston Celtics respectively, highlighted a topsy-turvy season Lakers are having. LeBron cut a frustrating figure in some of the losses, he was seen walking out of the game against the Milwaukee Bucks before the final buzzer, it is hard not to feel for him.

Will LeBron inspire one of the greatest comebacks ever record in the history of the NBA? It will be a miracle if Lakers make the playoffs. However, if LeBron and Lakers missed out, which looks likelier, it's a disappointment but not the end of the world.

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