Paul George says yes to Thunder and not to Lakers: 137 million for 4 years

OKC Thunder keeps Paul George and Jerami Grant in their ranks. The first with an agreement of 137 million for 4 seasons. The second with 27 million for 3.

Kevin Durant will sign 2 years with Warriors for 61.5 million dollars

Kevin Durant will remain in Warriors with another short contract. He will sign an agreement for 2 years (second option of the player) for 61.5 million dollars.

DeAndre Jordan leaves the Clippers to play in the Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan leaves Clippers after 10 years and leaves for a season to the Mavericks. They will collect 24.1 million dollars.

Chris Paul stays in Houston: 160 million for 4 seasons

Chris Paul stays in Houston Rockets with a maximum contract: 160 million dollars for 4 seasons. He will continue to form a tandem with James Harden.

Trevor Ariza leaves the Rockets for the Suns

Trevor Ariza leaves the Houston Rockets to go to the Phoenix Suns after a deal of 15 million dollars for a season. Radical change.

Rudy Gay will remain in the Spurs: 10 million for a year

The forward Rudy Gay will continue one more year at San Antonio Spurs. There is already an agreement between the team and the player: 10 million dollars for a season.

Will Barton renews with Nuggets: 54 million for 4 years

The guard Will Barton remains in Denver Nuggets after reaching an agreement that amounts to 54 million dollars for 4 seasons.

Derrick Rose will play another year at Minnesota Timberwolves

Derrick Rose stays in Minnesota Timberwolves with a minimum agreement of 2.1 million dollars for one season.

Aron Baynes renews with Celtics and Gerald Green with Rockets

The pivot Aron Baynes and the guard Gerald Green will continue playing in Celtics and Rockets, respectively, after doing very well last season.

LeBron James resigned this Friday to a player option that guaranteed 35.6 million dollars for next season. Or what is the same, as expected, will be the free agent that monopolizes all eyes during a market that will open with the arrival of July 1 (at 6 am in the peninsular Spain). It seems that the option of joining the MVP James Harden in the Rockets and a Chris Paul who will end up renewing with the Texans, the options of the Akron have been reduced to three. Stay in Cleveland, move to Philadelphia or change conference to enlist in the Lakers.