Micheal Jordan is been recognized by all of his fans that has done many impossible shots which is really difficult to do. He has a full control of his mind and body to perform such amazing shots.

In every basketball session where Micheal Jordan plays, fans are really excited on what would be those surprise shots that Jordan will do. You will see most of those fans do standing ovation while clapping their hands with big smiles in their faces when Micheal Jordan performs cool basketball shots.

I would say Jordan has many unpredictable moves which sometimes generates confusion to his opponents and that would be Jordan's advantage.

Micheal Jordan even jump from the free throw line in a slam dunk competition. It was not just an ordinary dunk wherein he has shown movements in mid air which is really such amazing to see.

It was really great to see Jordan do his tricks leaving his opponent full of confusion.

Anyway, i have watch a Youtube video that is worth sharing, amazing shots that Jordan performed.

I would like to see some comments and opinions on Jordan's amazing shots.