Telmo Zara, Rafael 'Pichichi' Moreno and Ricardo Zamora. Spanish football's three legends. The Spanish Media Mark has launched a personal award long before their name. Then why not Lionel Messi? Just took it. La Liga president Javier Tebas is thinking of launching a personal award titled 'Lionel Messi Trophy'.The Argentine won the La Liga nine-time this year. Messi top goalscorers in Spain's top league history Levi is thinking of picking the best player of every season and giving him the Lionel Messi Trophy. La Liga is the highest goalscorer among the Spanish footballers, the Telmo Zara Trophy, for the season's top scorer, the Pichichi and Jamaha Trophy are given in the hands of the best goalkeeper. According to the new plan, to give Lionel Messi trophy to the best playerTeabas want.

The La Liga president said, "The plan is preferred, it will have to be thought about. In my opinion, Messi will be the best football player in history, probably right now. Many people talk about Neymar But he is only 26 years old and as far as I know, Messi is playing in Barcelona for a short time and every year he is giving us a surprise. There is no limit to its capability at the highest level. He is the best player. It is very good if the best player of the league is in the handHe can be given a trophy named Messi. '

Messi has been knocked out of the field for almost three months due to his injury. Barca lost Real Madrid 5-1 in the last match without him. But the team that Messi lacks, obviously said in Barcelona, ​​"We are happy with the team. But he (Messi) returns as fast as the better. We want him back tomorrow. '