Another September came and the trend of sports games started. NBA 2K20 was one of the first games of this trend. We will look at what has changed, what has remained the same in this latest production of the NBA 2K series, which has strengthened its throne among basketball-themed video games, and what kind of structure has emerged for those who have not played the series before. If you wish, let's make a quick introduction to our detailed review article without any further ado.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 following the path of the FIFA franchise

In environments where the competitive environment is decreasing, it is generally observed that the quality decreases. The confident attitudes of those in the front bring complacency, while those left behind put in a little more effort. NBA 2K20 now comes built on a well-fortified throne. The fact that EA Sports has not made an announcement about the NBA Live series yet means that the 2K Games side finds the square empty, so to speak.

Frankly, as someone who plays NBA 2K games for hundreds of hours a year, I look forward to each new game of the series, both excited and deeply suspicious. Until now, this series has not embarrassed me and has managed to keep it in the lead for a long time with every product that came. When I came across the last game of the series, which became more accustomed as I played and enjoyed as I got used to it, the FIFA series came to my mind. If you ask what this similarity is, let me answer it immediately: To switch to a popular and best-selling structure with little touches without making radical changes.

This is the case in the NBA 2K20 game. In the previous games of the series, we would see that a method as I mentioned was applied only in terms of gameplay. Some adjustments would have been made, leaving the gameplay similar, but there would be visible differences in the game's menus and contents. As I mentioned, NBA 2K20 has started a new season, leaving the menus of the game the same this time, with a method we are used to seeing from the FIFA series.

In the FIFA series, the menus remained the same, only their colors changed. NBA 2K20 appears as an update without changing the locations of the menus, except for minor differences. However, whatever magic the developer team of this production use, the situation I mentioned did not bother me at all. One of the reasons for this may be that the differences encountered in the menus and gameplay are transferred to the contents of the game. By the way, do not worry. Let me say that I will try to transfer every part I can observe, from those minor changes to new content, to the review article, and continue with the differences in gameplay.

NBA 2K20

There's no big difference between NBA 2K19 and this game

In fact, when the demo of the NBA 2K20 game was released , it was talked that there would be much more obvious differences with NBA 2K19, the previous game of the series. When I experienced the demo I mentioned and wrote the preliminary article, I thought the differences were more, but probably because of the reactions, the dosage of these differences seems to be slightly downgraded. For example, I could hardly feel the presence of the acceleration limit that is said to be found in the players in the full version of this build.

However, I cannot say that I experienced the same as the previous game of the series, although I did not see any obvious differences. Let me list some of the differences that caught my attention. New animations have been added to the parts where the ball touches the basket once. In other words, more random results are encountered when the ball goes to the basket. In NBA 2K19, the shots that I said will be the exact number may not enter the basket, or on the contrary, the balls that go out after touching the basket can return to the end of the circle and return to the inside.

I can state that ball responses that are beyond expectations are generally in situations in the painted area. Let me tell you that I often encounter the situation I mentioned in turnstile throws where many players are in defense. By the way, speaking of players, I should not go without saying that entering crowded areas in NBA 2K20 game usually results in ball loss. Defenses are acting more aggressively compared to last year. Without paying attention, it is only a matter of time before the ball is stolen by the opponent. Let me admit that I have been blockading many times, even in matches with less difficulty levels.

Some slowing down in the shooting allows defensive players to position and block. In the defense part of the work, we see an arrow as indicated in the explanations of the developer team before. If we leave a blank side to the player in possession of the ball while we are on defense, we are warned by the arrow signs. For example, if the player can come from the right or left, the arrow opens sideways, while if we stay away from the attacking opponent, the arrow turns towards us and repeats the warning to narrow the distance.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 does not repeat gameplay errors in the previous game of the series

When I say that some bugs in the NBA 2K19 game have been fixed, I can create a perception that the previous game of the series had bad gameplay. On the contrary, NBA 2K19 was a very fun and grounded production in terms of gameplay. Only some of the rare bugs could not be fixed with updates throughout the year. However, if they corrected them, the differences in the parts you read would not have occurred.

Many people playing NBA 2K19 have witnessed players flying after the balls heading towards the stands, holding the ball and throwing themselves out of the field. In this case, holding the ball was useless, our position resulted in the loss of the ball. Fortunately, in the NBA 2K20 game, I saw that this situation was addressed and that the players, regardless of their speed, remained inside the field holding the ball in the outgoing balls. Although these ball grips have some shortcomings in terms of physical realism in some fast situations, they contribute to the game by not spending time in vain and being useful.

In the upper part, I mentioned that defenses have a much more compelling effect. In the NBA 2K20 game, there is also a much better AI defense tactically. If you start directing the game with that player by scoring more points with a player in your team, you will see that that player is played by the opposing team with double or even triple compression. Also, while the opponents have been playing in a complex offense in the past years, in this year's game, they give the team's stars more balls and expect the number to come from the star players.

In other words, if you look at the points scored by the star player of the opposing team and the other players after the match, you can easily observe the difference. In the meantime, we can see some new animations in the NBA 2K20 game visually, although not in terms of gameplay. In shooting and especially free throwing, the wrists of the players offer a more realistic image with new animations. I also say that we can see not only female dancers but also dance groups consisting of children and some show crews between breaks and periods, let's take a closer look at the game modes for general changes.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20: MyTeam mode is much more fun

The menus on the main screen of the game that I have reviewed do not change much, as I have mentioned in the upper parts. In general, the options on the main screen of the game; They are listed as Play Now, MyTeam, MyCareer, MyLeague, 2KTV and settings. Of these, I can say that in the Play Now part, there is a layout similar to the previous year, and we can play single player or online matches with selected teams. Only, this year's game includes options for the WNBA, the women's league.

I want to continue with MyTeam, one of the main modes of the NBA 2K20 game. Since this game mode is in the second place according to the ranking and I personally spend hundreds of hours with this game mode throughout the year, I first decided to tell what we encountered in MyTeam mode. On the main screen of this game mode, we see almost the same menu as the NBA 2K19 game that debuted last year. I will not criticize this situation because we do not waste time figuring out what is where and more importantly, the innovations in MyTeam mode prevent me from criticizing.

I must admit that the innovations I am going to tell excited me a lot. One of these innovations is the upgradeable player cards or, originally known as the Card Evolution system. We have talked about this a little bit in our content on our website, but it would be better if I directly explain my personal experiences and the benefits of the system. In summary, NBA 2K20 includes player cards whose level increases when certain achievements are achieved. The better part is that we can access these cards from the moment we step into the game.

Our readers who watched the introduction video of this game's MyTeam mode saw it. Let me state once again. As soon as we open the MyTeam mode, there are 5 starter package options. We see 5 players in the options; We start the game by choosing one of the packs with the artwork of Derrick Rose, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki or Hakeem Olajuwon. The best part here is that the players whose names I mentioned come in the form of an upgradable player card, not a loan as in the past years, and I will continue to explain what can be done with these cards.

NBA 2K20

MyTeam experience gains a different dimension with upgradeable player cards

Our readers who closely follow the NBA 2K series and the MyTeam game mode will know very well. The starter packs I mentioned are given every year when starting the MyTeam game mode, and these packs contain the players and some available items that we will start the game mode I mentioned. In the NBA 2K games of the past years, this package offered player cards that could be used for a short time but had a high average value. In this case, the contracts of these valuable players could be voided in the easy matches at the beginning of the game and there was no permanent situation.

In the starter packages that come with the NBA 2K20, gold, silver and bronze colored cards come with upgradeable player cards of the above famous players with an average value of 80. Relying on my NBA 2K19 experience, I opted for the Vince Carter themed package, which I thought would be more useful. I started the game with an 80 average Vince Carter. Now, don't say what the 80 average guy will do for us, as soon as I scored 6 points with this player in a match, the player's value increased to an average of 85.

Let me continue by reminding that the average value of 85 is at the same level as the free players offered in the highest packs of the game. I was then told to do a total of 150 points and 25 dunks to advance this player to the next level. While I was playing, there was no better player for the SG position in the team, so after a while I got a Vince Carter with an average score of 89. In the meantime, let me point out that upgradeable players given with starter packs can be upgraded up to Ruby color.

I would like to briefly explain the situation regarding the development limit of the players. The years next to the Vince Carter card I mentioned at the top show how high that player has been and how many levels they can be raised. Some players are progressing color, like Vince Carter, while others come with different progression styles. For example, I will explain in a moment, the 80 average upgradeable Dwyane Wade card, which we easily won from the first game of the Spotlight Challenges mode, has 5 upgrade levels. In the first progression alone, we can rise not to the 85 average, but to the 82 average. Progress continues with more difficult and shorter steps.

NBA 2K20

Domination mode gives up upgradable player cards this time

Talking about the upgradable cards in the MyTeam game mode, I have to mention the options in this game mode, because we see that upgradable player cards are given in the Domination option. Without confusing the layout of the review, let me state that the upgradable player cards that come with Domination can be raised by one level and can only be increased from 80 to 83 or 84 average. The advantage of this situation was that in NBA 2K19 only gold cards were given, ie players between 76 and 79 averages.

If you wish, let's continue from this side while talking about the Domination option. Domination, one of the most profitable options in the MyTeam game mode, appears before us by slightly changing the layout of the previous year. The game mode, which was divided into 6 groups last year, has come this year by putting these six groups in line. When we collect enough stars in one of the groups, the next group becomes playable. More importantly, we determine the difficulty level of the matches, not the game, as in the past years.

For example, in Domination game mode, every match we play has 3 difficulty levels and we can earn stars from easy to hard. In addition, as in previous years, there are MT points we need to earn according to our performance in each match. When we get 3 stars, we usually win packs, and the most important card comes from players with an average value of 80, the upgradable ones I mentioned above.

In the meantime, the Domination option comes up with 3 main sections, as in the previous year. With the current NBA teams and teams with players made up of the best players of all time who have played in a team, there are changes to the main option that comes second. Instead of the fantastic teams in the NBA 2K19 game, this time we see teams from previous years. Considering that we have talked about this option enough, let's talk about an option that appeared for the first time in the NBA 2K20 game, the Spotlight Challenges matches.

NBA 2K20

Spotlight Challenges is demanding a lot while offering plenty of rewards as a new option

Spotlight Challenges is one of the innovations of the NBA 2K20 game in MyTeam mode. This game mode, which replaces the Schedule Challenges in the NBA 2K19 game released last year, seems to be challenging for the players, despite having similar features. Obviously, Schedule Challenges was one of the game models I had the most fun last year, but I started this section a little late. Completing the Domination section and winning all the awards, it was easy for me to start at a time when the players were getting cheaper.

In the Schedule Challenges game mode, a tournament belonging to each team was held and we were asked to play 15 competitions each. As we progressed in the division, we had to keep some of the players of that team in the squad. Honestly, I was delighted to see that when I won this mode in the promotional video of the MyTeam mode of the NBA 2K20 game, 93 average worth Alonzo Mourning cards in diamond color will be given, but when I experienced the full version of the game, my enthusiasm remained a bit on my crop.

Spotlight Challenges are organized in a player-oriented theme rather than teams, and firstly, the Dwyane Wade theme is used. The best part here is that when we win a match on the easiest difficulty, it gives a Dwyane Wade card that can be upgraded by 5 tiers, on average 80. The tough sides are, unfortunately, a little more than the pros. In each of these challenge episodes, the possession of players on the cards from Spotlight Challenges: Dwyane Wade packs is required and the challenge is to be completed with these players.

As a result, you either have to find these players from the auction center in the game, or we have to buy Spotlight Challenges: Dwyane Wade packages by using micropayment methods. Let's not go without saying that the difficulty levels, which were separated by 5-match levels in the Schedule Challenges sections last year, mostly included the most difficult level matches in the Spotlight Challenges sections. Although it is quite entertaining, important prizes are given, I say that I think this section will force the players or direct them to micropayment in the first place.

NBA 2K20

In MyCareer mode, we start resistance with Che

With your permission, I would like to say that the MyTeam mode, which I wrote in the upper part, is transferred to the new game of the series similarly to the other game modes. Let me continue with MyCareer, another game mode of the NBA 2K series that has been played the most in recent years. We saw the character creation screen we encountered when entering this mode in the NBA 2K20 Demo. You can check out the details of player creation options through the pre-review article I wrote for NBA 2K20 on our website.

In the story of the MyCareer mode of 2020, our main hero appears with the nickname Che. Of course, for those who don't know, the main character means we in this game mode. In other words, we are playing our struggle to reach the NBA level. According to the story, one of our teammates was injured after a foul while playing in the college league. Right after our friend's injury, we learn that his scholarship was canceled due to his injury. When we go to the coach's room to ask for an account, we open up with the coach and decide to go our own way.

A strong team has prepared the story of the game. Although there are some inconsistencies in some places, I can say that there is a successful storytelling. This year, I saw some more role-playing game elements added to MyCareer mode. The choices we make cause small changes in the flow of the story. For example, when the game offers us 4 different city options after making the decision to leave the college, we encounter different players according to the choice we make. If our choice is Los Angeles, Kawhi Leonard is suddenly next to us on a dark and empty sports field and he is playing a match with us but he never talks.

If we choose the New York option, we play a short game with Kemba Walker in a street basketball court, and Kemba is more sympathetic to us. In the meantime, after each option, the players give us their managers' phones and we meet that manager, and the story continues. Similarly, if we do not accept the movie offer a bit ahead, our scores rise and we play a training match with players like James Harden. If we offer, we get the chance to play 2 vs 2 matches with Kyle Kuzma, Brondon Ingram and Lonzo Ball in a movie set-like area.

NBA 2K20

It is not easy to switch to NBA matches

Don't worry, I'm not going to say any more surprises about the story, and I intend to talk a little bit about the technical part of the job. In the MyCareer mode of the NBA 2K20 game, we are facing a very difficult period until the NBA process. Again, it is possible to upgrade our character thanks to VC units purchased with real money, as in previous years. If we do not go this way, we must be able to do business with VC units earned from the game. Let me state that although there are differences in the system, the operation is the same.

By the way, we were choosing the NBA team we wanted to play in the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K19, the game of last year. If the team we chose wasn't strong, we could take more time and earn more VC per game. If the NBA 2K20 game is in MyCareer mode, we are trying to transfer our chance to choose from the rankings in return for what we have done during the draft process. Before the draft, we are given the chance to train with 3 teams that are interested in us, and if we are liked, it is possible to be selected by these teams. The amount of VC we will earn per game also appears in advance according to our selection order.

I was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers, which is the first team I wanted, because I had a good time before the draft and reached the top. As I was in the top spot, I was entitled to 1000 VC per game. After that, a line similar to previous years was followed in general terms. If you want to win trophies on the PlayStation 4 version, you are required to complete achievements in seasonal matches. In other words, MyCareer mode literally started with the NBA season.

I would like to mention all the innovations in MyCareer mode, but I will not talk about the developments in this section in detail, as we will write NBA 2K20 guides in which more detailed explanations will be made. I can say that there are differences in the badge system, we have earned 4 types of badges and we have to complete certain achievements for these badges in the game. In addition, I state that there are some changes in our neighborhood, which is one of the most fun areas of MyCareer mode, but it is very similar to the previous year in general, and I switch to another main mode of the NBA 2K20 game.

NBA 2K20

In MyLeague mode, we get much more detailed management opportunities.

Thanks to the developers of sports games, they make such game modes and polish them so well that we sometimes forget the game modes we used to love. NBA 2K20 includes another important game mode, MyLeague, which I cannot ignore. In this main game mode, there are important parts that we both play the game and find ourselves in the general manager seat. In addition, tournaments at the league and playoff levels within the scope of the NBA can be entered in this main game mode.

I would like to mention a little about MyLeague, which shares the same name with the main title, and MyGM options, which can be a stand-alone manager game. MyLeague; A small-scale manager mode that can be set up, can be played as season or seasons, where we can make transfers. From here, you can start an NBA season, including drafts, sign transfers or swaps, and take steps in keeping with your team's salary budget. There is not much difference with the past years.

On the other hand, it is necessary to say a little more words for MyGM that we see that this game mode has been taken to a different point with NBA 2K20. We now have a skill tree in MyGM mode, which is a much more advanced version of MyLeague mode for management. There are talents for our manager as a result of our achievements and progress. It is possible to make long-term progress by developing skills in accordance with our style of play and management choices.

Also, with the new structure of the MyGM mode, I can say that this game mode has turned into a kind of role-playing game. I have seen that almost every step a general manager takes for his team is covered in detail. This game mode, which should be taken into account that every move is important and every step to be taken will affect the coming years, can be played easily for a year. However, I guess it is necessary to say that the animations in the dialogue system in this game are somewhat at the level of puppet show.

NBA 2K20

The biggest problem of NBA 2K20 game may be persistence of server problems

To be honest, although I play almost every game in the NBA 2K franchise to an addictive degree, I prefer to stay away from online competitions in the games of this series. I know there are many players who buy this series just for these online matches, but server problems are obviously annoying. Matches that don't stop while playing a FIFA series game turn into a slide show in the precision NBA 2K series where one tenth of a second counts. If you ask if this situation continues with NBA 2K20, I will give the answer immediately.

Unfortunately, I saw that the situation persists in the online competitions I have experienced. In fact, I was able to finish matches without slowing down as NBA 2K19, but still did not get the performance I got as a single player. While it is up to the instant touches whether a shot is in or not, the perception of the game long after I took my hand off the button bothered me. It is also a big problem for me to have fun while playing such a fun production online. By the way, brother, your internet is slow, you can't play from it, please don't say.

The internet I use is 50 Mbit and I can play games online with game downloads and games online, unless there are obvious problems with the servers. Let me add that there are fast productions such as FIFA 19 and Battlefield V among these games. I will also say that I am sorry that this problem seen in our country is still not fixed. However, the biggest prizes in this production are given after online competitions.

In the meantime, I should mention that the online game modes found in NBA 2K19, especially in MyTeam mode, are transferred to the NBA 2K20 game almost untouched. Although there are minor changes in the reward system, we can see a similar layout in the new game of the series. After conveying my reproaches about the servers, let's move on to the next section to talk about the graphics, sounds and general performance of the game.

NBA 2K20

There are no obvious changes in the graphics, but the gameplay looks smoother

We haven't witnessed that the graphics of the games of the NBA 2K series have changed so obviously for years. This situation continues with the NBA 2K20 game and we see that we have almost the same graphics compared to the last year. Since the device I experience the game is a standard PlayStation 4, I am aware that I should not wait for the next generation graphics here anymore. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that the difference is not seen in the PC versions of the game where I hit the graphics settings on the ceiling.

For those who say there is no difference, I can of course state that small touches are made, but these touches are very limited. As I stated at the beginning of the review article, the developer team of the game preferred to focus more on game models. By the way, I suggest you not to swipe left and right in vain saying that the graphics of this production will be better on a good PC. If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, you can play the NBA 2K20 game fluently, getting a much more comfortable performance.

As in the other games of the series, we see a very full list of songs with the NBA 2K20 game. My favorites from this year's songs were more than last year. Catchy and funny pieces are found in this new game of the series. If I talked about the sounds of the game or passed that part, I did not know because I did not feel any difference in the sounds we heard in the competitions. What I heard was the same last year. Only the voices from the controller sounded slightly different, but not so perceptible.

Speaking of voices, I think that if you don't say that the voices in MyCareer mode are very successful, I think this work is unfair. Since I was working with professional names, I had high expectations in terms of voices, but I was very pleased that it was processed so well. On the other hand, I wish there was Turkish language support in the game , but this expectation has been inconclusive for years. Dubbing may be difficult, but at least I would like to say that we expect the days when Turkish interface and subtitle support will come, and with your permission.

NBA 2K20

King, again king and he has no intention of dethroning

Now, I do not want to say that we have the same graphics as last year, quite similar gameplay, and the developer team did not make enough effort. As I mentioned in the review article, NBA 2K20 moves in a similar way to the FIFA series. While trying to make the beautiful more beautiful, it avoids radical changes. He tries to make the game at hand much more fun by intervening in problematic points. If you ask if you like it, frankly, I can say that I am very satisfied with the final version of the game.

I am happy to see gameplay flaws and some ridiculous animations fixed. Afterwards, the innovations in MyTeam mode, which I spent hundreds of hours at the beginning of a year, raised my excitement to the top. I especially appreciated the offering of upgradable cards right at the beginning of the game and starting MyTeam mode with satisfying gifts. Although micropayment ways appear with some newly added options, I can state that we have seen a MyTeam mode with NBA 2K20, which has not been dependent on micropayments for a long time.

As I mentioned in the review article, I think that the problems related to online gameplay in this production is an insignificant flaw. I am telling you because I have been suffering from the same problem for years. If anyone who does not have similar server problems and says I am getting a very smooth online experience, please write them in the comments. In this basketball series, where even a momentary touch sensitivity is important, it is not pleasant to stay away from online game modes due to delays.

Let me conclude the NBA 2K20 review with a few reminders. One of these reminders will be that each review link connects the author's views. I give the score of the game by taking the current basketball games and playing time of the game into account. I respect different opinions. Another reminder is that no matter how long we write about a production with such extensive content, there are some points we missed. I hope that we will fill these shortcomings in NBA 2K20 guides. I wish everyone good luck by saying that you can follow our guide articles after the review article.