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Through the years, Basketball has been one of the fastest evolving sport in the world. It has been gliding spontaneously with the advent of new rules and regulations. All thanks to Canadian James Naismith whose initiative resulted to this sport. While trying to keep his class lively on rainy days, he sought an active indoor game to keep his student busy and also at a proper level of fitness. Naismith who was a physical education instructor and professor at international young men's christian association training school(YMCA), now known as Springfield college. Why was the game not initially called the Naismith ball? Well, its in history that a player from the very first game approach Naismith and suggested thus, but Naismith laughed and said a name like that will end up killing the game. However, Mahan Frank made another suggestion for "BASKETBALL" which Naismith concurred to saying they have a ball and a basket. How amazing this game came to be.


Many would love to play this game out of passion, some out of necessity, some play just for the sake of playing and others for fun. I'm really not into basketball, most times I play just for fun. Though the game interests me a lot but I've got some hindrances towards making it a priority. Its never of essence to be a good player at the game but getting acquainted to some of it rules making the game more fun than just bouncing the ball all day long. At times, I see some weird dudes in the court playing against some little kid. With the way they handle the ball, even a blind man could tell they ain't really basketball players. They match against little kids just to be better off at that point in time. They feel good after making wins easily even if it warrants acquiring points through cheating.


Playing basketball needs certain equipments for easy feasibility. The ball of course comes first. Without the ball, there's no game. The rim and its net are another major tool needed in the game. Competitive levels require the use of more equipment such as clocks, score sheets, alternating possession arrows, whistle operated stop clock systems and so on. Not to forget the players, and not just that, their physic is another fundamental consideration. When you see basket ball players, they look very tall at about 6-7ft+. You can imagine a dude of 5ft 2 inches in the courtyard, lol, ain't that funny? I ponder on which position is he gonna fit in. Think of the point guard, small forward, center man. Nah, that's despicable. Muggsy Bogues who was recorded as the shortest player 1.60 m could never match up against the likes of Manute Bol, Gheorghe Mureșan, who were both 2.31m tall and Sim Bhullar, who stands at 7 feet 5 inches 2.26m. All muggsy could do is steal the ball easily. Considering myself as a basket ball player, I'll fit in perfectly fine since I'm around 6ft 0inch. I also possess a power jump for catching passes but I'm not sure of taken it up as a profession. Though I do play during weekends with my pals in school and I'm good in whatever I do even if not a 100% accurate. I'll measure around 68%.


Over the years, we've seen numerous players come and go. we've seen the good, bad and worst, but of them all the name of Michael Jordan can never depart from the heart of basketball fans. Individuals who ain't into the game will surely be able to reckon on the name because of its utmost renowned nature. The 1.98m retired professional player has an awesome career profile with amazing highlights and awards. How wonderful for the 55years old athlete. On the pursuit is Lebron James who still plays. His playing prowess has given the 21st century kids what a basketball star looks like.


Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball. These balls were made with a set of laces to close off the hole needed for inserting the inflatable bladder.

The first official game that happened in the YMCA gymnasium in Albany, New York, on January 20, 1892, with nine players. The game ended at 1–0 and the shot was taken from 25 feet on a court just half the size of our present day NBA court.


Just like in soccer where you see individual joggle the ball and performing various skills that even professional players can't really do. I've seen the same in basketball were this free stylers Showcase's their dexterity with the ball. The way they shoot and score from 10+ meters away baffles me. Their dunking skills is something else. They play as though its an easy stunt. Trust me, don't dare to try such if you ain't ready to receive hellish pains of injury. Well that'll be all for today. Hope you had a nice day?

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