Involved in the transfer between Memphis and Phoenix, the future of Kyle Korver does not go through the Suns. In fact both parties are working on the termination of that contract (via buyout), the franchise to release more salary and be able to sign Ricky and the player to immediately seek another destination. And Kover, a reputable professional and reliable shooter, already has three brides and the best in the league: Lakers, Bucks and Sixers have entered the race for the player.

Korver started his NBA career in the Sixers and there he played his first five years in the league. Since his departure they have missed him in Philly and it would be a great replacement for Redick. In the interest of the Lakers it is not surprising that LeBron James is behind. Both coincided in Cleveland and already last year 'The King' tried to recruit him. And the Bucks are designing a team with external threats to cover more of Giannis' game