Well, how was it possible? With 7:31 remaining in the 3rd period, the Warriors were leading by 31.

31 points. The Warriors.

Despite losing Demarcus Cousins earlier in the game - is this series over fo him? - the warriors kept playing at their highest level, they were totally in control of the game.

What did happen to the best team in the Nba by far? Well, the Clippers happened. That's why i love the Clips so much in this season, perhaps even more than the Jazz. They're the kind of unselfish-group first basketball team, and their effort was just amazing.

Like Doc said in the post-game press conference "it was the spirit more tahn anything else"

The greatest comeback of playoff history. The Clips were able to recover from a 31 deficit, overscoring GSW 72 - 37 in the last 19. Gallinari was solid, Harrell was amazing, Lou is doing what no one has ever done from the bench. But Pat's defense is what impressed me the most. His effort, his ability to be in his opponent's mind, that's really exciting to watch. In a league where defence skills seem to be less and less important, his mindset in something that stands out from the crowd.

I'm not sure this game will be enough to mine GSW confidence, they will probably come back more angry and determined. But even if this should be a "once in a life time" win, no matter: this win is for books.