The 14-36 in the first quarter was hanged, and Davis retired because of a stomach upset, and the Lakers became the "three-double hunk" Westbrook's team in an embarrassing situation. However, this unrecognizable Lakers lost 90-105. At most, they fell behind by 34 points in the third quarter, and all the first five players scored only 24 points, and no one scored in double figures.

In the first half, Wei Shao played relatively awkwardly. He scored 1 of 6 shots, got 4 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 turnovers. After getting 4 4s, due to Doudizhu’s bombs, this was useless on the basketball court. Teacher Yang Yi also joked that it would be great if bombs could be thrown on the basketball court. Unexpectedly, the overall stats became 1 in 13 shots. Who did you bomb the bomb?

In the second quarter, the Lakers actually had a good momentum of chasing points, especially at the beginning of the game Howard guarded the basket. The Trail Blazers fell into a non-scoring situation for nearly 4 minutes. The Lakers went from a maximum of 24 points behind to only 11 points.

In the first period of Howard's appearance, 10 minutes and 06 seconds contributed 7 points and 7 rebounds.

It's a pity that the game entered garbage time early. The Lakers eventually lost 90-105. Marginal role players and young players such as Munch, Reeves, and Dubuya chased after the score in the end, which also made the result look no longer so. It's ugly.

I used to think that James would not have played a triple-double in the Wei Shaohui, but the opportunity changed. Wei Shao failed to perform as expected. In the game, Westbrook only scored 8 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. 6 turnovers.

Another embarrassment for the Lakers is that all the first five players did not score in double figures. Wei Shao with 8 points is already the highest score, and the five players scored 24 points in total.

On the bench, Reeves scored 11 points, Munch had 13 points, Dubuya had 10 points, Howard had 11 points and 7 rebounds, and Ellington had 8 points.

Throughout the entire game, Howard's more than 10 minutes on the court was the best time for the Lakers to play, but what about a Howard? Besides, you only gave him less than 15 minutes.