The first row of the NBA is a star-studded star. The average person wants to spend money to buy it. You can see that even if the NBA superstar's family comes, he is also in the second row!

The number of seats in the first row is very small. Generally, fans can't afford to spend money. If it is not for the special person, the internal passage will buy the season ticket in advance, or it will be a friendship to international famous people.

Beckham at the Lakers Arena, Kobe and his compliments. But if you are willing to spend a 100,000 yuan to watch a game, you may be able to buy one. This is aimed at the small ball market, the arena like the Lakers and the Warriors. The first row is hard to find.

Many of the first rows of the arena are not for sale, and are reserved for visiting celebrities. This is to increase the team's exposure and enhance the value of the team.

The Spurs Arena is the largest in the NBA, can accommodate 19,763 spectators, and wants to watch the unnecessary first row of the game, the back position is also available.