Free throws should be the easiest way to score, after all, this is done without interference. In high-intensity games, when players get free throws, many people need to adjust their mentality immediately, and then find the feeling of training, in order to help themselves more securely penalize the ball. For the various bedding actions before the free throw, it can be said that it is strange in the NBA, and some even make you can't help. Today we will take a look at the NBA's most amazing free-throwing postures.

O'Neal is not only the most dominant center in the NBA, but also the most humorous cell master. If he is fully committed to the comedy business, maybe he will get Oscar. In an exhibition game like the All-Star, O'Neal will naturally play for himself. When he was performing a free throw, he used a single hand to make a free throw. He looked disdainful and proud, and he couldn’t help but laugh. If O'Neal's free throw is accurate, his career score has already exceeded 30,000 points.

Nash has been a member of the "180 Club" all the year round. His shooting has always been very accurate. The free throw is more pleasant and pleasant for him. His 18-sea free throws have remained at 90.4%, and it can be said that there is no loss. Nash likes to pick up his hand before the free throw, and this action becomes a habit for him. As for why Nash did this, perhaps to increase the friction between the saliva and the basketball, it is more helpful for the ball.

Kidd is one of the NBA passers and plays with him. If you have super athletic talent, it is really easy to think of the top ten. Kidd’s eyes are deep and give a feeling of guessing. In addition, when he made a free throw, he liked to send a kiss to the wife on the field, which made him a little more romantic. Although Kidd’s ritual sensation is very strong, his career percentage of 78.5% is not too high for a top point guard like him.

As a star in the early 1970s to the late 1980s, Rick Barry had few people who really knew him. In 2.01, he is a small forward position. He averaged 23.2 points and 6.5 rebounds in 10 seasons. This is really good. He also won two championships in his career, and the Hall of Fame also entered early. However, he is well known to the fans, not because of his personal skills, but also by his wonderful free throw action. Rick Barry's free throw is absolutely unique in the NBA, and his shape is similar to the "end urinal". Although the action is weird but the hit rate is high, 90% of the career hit rate is a good proof.

Hayes played in the NBA for 11 seasons, averaging 3.7 points, 5 rebounds and 1.2 assists. Seeing this data is known as a water dispenser level player. 1.98 is a center and power forward. With his physical condition, the data is not good. When Hayes made a free throw, it was completely fun. He will lift the ball first, then the whole person will lean forward. When everyone thinks he will shoot, Hayes will suddenly stop and then throw the ball out. As soon as he paused, he could not only lie to his opponent, but even his teammates were pitted. Too many people were sentenced to advance ahead because of his free throw action. His off-line free throw action, the hit rate is naturally not high, 62% of his career can only be regarded as reluctant.