LeBron James (left) dan Jordan Clarkson (right)/Image Source

NBA basketball player Jordan Clarkson shared a story about how he could eventually join the Philippine squad at the 2018 Asian Games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player revealed that he had been confused with a changing decision.

Previously, there was news that Jordan Clarkson was not allowed to compete in the 2018 Asian Games by the NBA.

However, after the Philippines filed appeal, Clarkson is competing in the 2018 Asian Games.

"We often go back and checking (checking the latest news), some say that I will play, but there are also those who say that I can not play," Clarkson said.

"Now I can participate in the Asian Games and it's amazing," Clarkson added.

Furthermore, Jordan Clarkson is a pride in playing the Philippine national team.

"I was enthusiastic when I found out. I have been waiting for," Clarkson said.

"I feel support and love all the time. My grandmother is really proud that I am able to do this now,

It is worth the Jordan Clarkson's first appearance at the 2018 Asian Games later.

Previously, the Philippine team of Kazakhstan won against a score of 96-59 without the presence of the NBA player.

Despite appearing at the Senayan Basketball Hall, Jordan Clarkson did not play in the first Philippine match.