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I Like The Prospect Of Jeremy Lin Going To Utah Jazz.
I had goosebumps when I first read about it in Bleacher Report. It could be a possibility according to the report, the prospect of it happening would be a 3-Team Blockbuster Deals Between The Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans Pelicans, and Utah Jazz (After Jan. 14). See report here. I can imagine Jeremy Lin blending it well with the Utah Jazz who just made life tougher for my favorite Golden State Warriors in their recent game this season. Jeremy Lin can add the spark to make Utah Jazz a better title contender in this side of the league. Plus his 54.6 percent accuracy in pull-ups can be a handy work that Utah Jazz needed. Salt Lake City and the Utah Jazz team has a very rich basketball tradition especially in the days of Stockton-Malone era and seeing them battling it out in the playoffs with Warriors would be a treat to us basketball fans who already watched the game for decades. Jeremy has battled it out with the best and has the experience to shine in dire moments. Just exactly the right formula to win in the crucial moments of hotly contested playoffs season. His glory days of Linsanity is not over yet, and I am especially inspired to root for him the time when I first saw this video about his basketball career. From Linsanity to Nobody? What Happened to Jeremy Lin? Watch and enjoy! What do you think? Can Utah Jazz have a chance for Western Conference supremacy when they add Jeremy Lin to their roster or not? They have an unexpected dominance over Oklahoma Thunders last season and they can stretch it to another level this season with just some minor adjustments such as adding another spectacular more natural off-ball weapon beside Mitchell. You can also catch me on Hyperspace Visit our family's business website.