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DeMarcus Cousins' best match of the season, 24 points and a technical foul for throwing the boot into the stands
Golden State Warriors defeated Charlotte Hornets 121:110. The best match of the season in the colors of the fighters was played by the central DeMarcus Cousins. At the end of the meeting, the center defenders of the championship title was punished with a technical foul for throwing away the rival's shoe from the playing field. The shoe Less than five minutes before the end of the regular time of the game, when the hosts from North Carolina were in the attack, the shoe fell from the leg of one of the players in the game Jeremy Lamba. Footwear flew towards the place where free throws are made. There DeMarcus Cousins stood focused on the defense. He grabbed the shoe and threw it in the stands. The judges interrupted the game with a whistle and punished Cousins with a technical foul. A player who recently returned to regular play after almost a year's break in a career related to the injury of the left Achilles, could not believe in such a decision of arbitrator Brian Forte. "Next time me or someone else will stand on this shoe and sprain the ankle, or tear an Achilles tendon. You have to leave it as it was, they want it, so I will remember it. What did I hear from the judge in the justification? That I can not throw shoes." said the 28-year-old player. Also other players couldn't reconcile with such decision of the judges. Draymond Green called this decision crazy, and Steve Kerr, the coach of the two previous season's champions, remarked that he did not know the part of the rules of the game that would prohibit it. DeMarcus Cousins, nicknamed 'Boogie", apart from this unusual situation in the game, did very well. He played the longest in the season, spending 31 minutes on the court. He scored 24 points for his team, he had 11 rebounds, three assists and three blocks. The warriors won all four quarters, the most impressive in their performance was the second edition, in which they ended the offensive eight times with slam-dunks into the opponent's basket. What do you think about judges decision? I think Boogie could have taken the shoe and just set it aside instead of throwing it to the stands, but anyway he didn't want anyone to suffer an injury (like he did) while stepping on it accidentally.

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