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Washington Wizards Defeats Indiana Pacers with Authority From Start to Finish
Confrontation of the east conference to observe the game of the Washington Wizards that come in ascent and the Indiana Pacers that have had certain decay in their game, but that anyway it will be interesting to see this duel between direct opponents, in another night of Wednesday of the NBA. Source Game Summary Wizards got off to a good start and implemented their game very early by taking a valuable lead on the scoreboard, Pacers did not finish entering the game and with several possessions up Wizards wins the first quarter. Source The Pacers tried to react but the Wizards' good defensive prevented them from effectively waking up, doing a great collective work and maintaining a solid advantage, would finish the first half with a score of 45 - 59 above Wizards. Second Half In this period Pacers began to defend better and tried to remove the advantage, but the Wizards remained firm making the game that had them up on the scoreboard, Pacers offensive was improving and could win this period by a possession, but Wizards continued to live from the rent of the advantage that had worked the first quarters. Source Everything indicated by the approach of the game of the Wizards that would have all the advantages to take this encounter, was noted in the Pacers the lack that makes Oladipo who had been his offensive guide so far this season, but lost it by a knee injury, Pacers were seen with very low stamina and only a few minutes left with the great advantage of Wizards where the benches of the teams burned the remaining time, 107 - 89 in solid victory for the Wizards over the Pacers. Details and Personal Analysis Since Jhon Wall's injury, Bradley Beal has taken charge of the Wizards as his ultimate offensive benchmark and today saw a more mature Beal in terms of play, showing his offensive ability and guiding his team in a few wins in a row, today he did it again, on the contrary the Pacers suffer from who was his offensive engine Victor Oladipo and they are already feeling it, was a game where Pacers showed nothing and Wizards always took the pace to get the victory with very little resistance of his rival. Best Performances Bradley Beal 25 Pts. 6 Reb. 6 Ast. Jeff Green 23 Pts. 5 Reb. 6 Ast. Let me know what you think if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.

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