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Brooklyn Nets Make an Incredible Return and Defeat Sacramento Kings
Personal expectation to see the Brooklyn Nets play who are entrenched in the 7th place finish in the east conference, facing the talented youngsters of the Sacramento Kings. Source Game Summary At first Kings and Nets were studying their strategies and were somewhat erratic but the Kings began to intone their offense and increased an obvious advantage with a low defensive intensity on the part of the Nets, culminating the first period with Kings leading the game. Source Nets tried to discount and approach in the scoreboard they did it placing to 3 possessions but Kings remained firm in the attack with their vertiginous offensive of the hand of their owner Fox, maintained an evident advantage, finishes the first time 58 - 66 above the Kings. Second Half Sacramento would put one foot on the accelerator and increase their offensive potential by increasing their advantage in the match considerably by more than 20 digits, Nets were apathetic in defense and without reaction, concludes the 3rd quarter with the Kings winning the partial by a resounding advantage. Source Nets would have a certain reaction discounting 10 digits from the advantage of the Kings, there was still enough playing time, would come the awakening of the Nets, would place the game to 1 single possession with 2 minutes to play, with 1:10 Nets would go up by 1 possession, Kings would equal the game with 46 seconds to finish, it was then with few seconds remaining when Hollis-Jefferson would get a big basket to give the triumph to the Nets, ends the encounter 123 - 121 with an incredible return and great victory of the Nets over the Kings. Source Details and Personal Analysis I must confess that I have seen very few Brooklyn Nets games this year, but I had some expectation to see them play in this match against Sacramento, from the beginning of the first quarter Kings dominated the scoreboard even until the beginning of the last quarter but an explosive reaction from the Nets in the middle of the last period brought them back into play through the offensive power of their star armor D'Angelo Russell who was carrying the attack of the Nets in a great performance, the defense of the Kings could not stop Russell and until the last seconds the game was even, was when in an elaborate play would attack the basket Hollis-Jefferson who consuming the last seconds and achieving the basket would give the final victory leaving very few thousandths on the clock, was an impressive return by the Nets who crushed in the partial of the last quarter to the Kings. Best Performances D'Angelo Russell 44 Pts. 12 Ast. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 14 Pts. 5 Reb. 3 Ast. Let me have your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.