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NBA Highlights Episode 7: Ray Allen Hits 9 threes for 51 points in the 2009 NBA Playoffs!
Img. Source Hey scorum fans! Today I present to you Episode 7 of NBA Highlights and in this episode, I will feature Ray Allen's historic night where he goes for 51 points and 9 threes in Game 6 of the 2009 NBA Playoffs Round 1 against the Chicago Bulls. The Boston Celtics are one of the best teams during this era. They formed the big 3 of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and there is also Rajon Rondo who is one of the smartest point guards in league history. In my opinion, this series against the Bulls is the best first round playoffs I've ever seen. Celtics big 3 is on their prime, Ronjo so good and still young, and on the other the Chicago Bulls have MVP Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah is one of the best bigs, and do you remember Ben Gordon? he was one of the best shooters during his prime. It was a hard fought battle for both teams and was one of the most entertaining playoffs series in history. But here in Game 6, Allen was busy all game, putting up huge numbers starting hot with 29 first half points. Allen was unstoppable hitting threes right in the face of defenders and he's just too good not only from the outside but also creating for himself. He also hit crucial shots that keeps the Boston Celtics alive in the 4th. And in the 2nd overtime, Allen hits the dagger three to tie the game and bring it to the third overtime. But the Celtics came up short and the Bulls extend the series to a Game 7. Even with the lose, this performance from Ray Allen is one of a kind and we will never see anything like this again. Now, let's relax, sit and enjoy while watching the highlights! Source