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Houston Rockets Defeats San Antonio Spurs in James Harden Grand Performance with 61 Points
Interesting texan duel between important teams of the west San Antonio Spurs faces the perimeter Houston Rockets of James Harden. Source Game Summary Rockets would begin with a great offensive volume through its main star Harden, Spurs did not adjust neither its defense nor its offensive and Houston would take an evident advantage, Spurs would make an effort in the last minutes and would discount some possessions, Houston would win the partial of the first period. Source Spurs would improve their defense and discount the advantage of the Rockets to 3 possessions, but Houston continued to run from the perimeter effectively and fed the advantage to avoid approaching San Antonio, finishes the first half 47 - 62 up Rockets. Second Half The offensive execution of the Spurs improved and also its defense, they were discounting by means of an organized and structured game placing to 2 possessions but Harden responded with several consecutive baskets without opposition of the Spurs retaking the advantage of Rockets, although Spurs adjusted of radical form winning the partial of the 3er quarter and drawing the encounter. Source Spurs concentration level was excellent, they were making their classic collective game and increasing the defensive intensity, they were taking a certain advantage of 2 possessions although Rockets followed the trail and the game was still within reach with 5 minutes to play, Harden would turn the game with 3 shots from the perimeter consecutively and from that moment the Rockets would take control, close with good defense and get the victory over the Spurs 105 - 111. Details and Personal Analysis The Rockets began with very good rhythm and dominated the 2 periods of the first time, then San Antonio Spurs would make the necessary adjustments to discount in the scoreboard and not only to approach in the game if not to go up by means of an excellent attack supported by a good defense, but there was a big failure of the Spurs to present a low defensive intensity on Rockets star James Harden, who most of the time dominated the defense of the Spurs especially in the last minutes of the game scoring 61 points in the encounter, this performance was the key to the victory of the Rockets over the Spurs. Best Performances James Harden 61 Pts. 7 Reb. Chris Paul 18 Pts. 5 Ast. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the game or read the publication.