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Zion Williamson of the Duke Blue Devils points himself into the history books
Williamson makes history Wunderkind Zion Williamson secures his place in the history books of the College Basketball. With an incredible show he leads the Duke Blue Devils to victory. College phenomenon Zion Williamson doesn't seem to stop any further. In the night to Wednesday he led his Duke Blue Devils to the 87:65 victory against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Williamson dunking! (Source) 30 points, ten rebounds, five assists, four steals and an 80 percent throw rate - the miracle child's statistics not only read impressively, they also pave his way into the history books. According to ESPN, Williamson is the only college player in the highest division who has had such numbers in a game over the past 20 years. Williamson scored three of his four throws against Wake Forrest - for comparison: His teammates were only successful four times from a distance in 17 attempts. Williamson pays back the trust of his coach His coach Mike Krzyzewski was also enthusiastic after the match: "I have confidence in everything he does. If I didn't have that, something would be wrong with me. He's a complete player." So Williamson's confidence in himself is noticeably good - and he's more than paying it back with his spectacular performances so far. "Coach always tells me to take the throws. At first I didn't want to throw if I wasn't sure the ball would go in," Williamson said. "But even if I don't hit, I'm told: 'Keep throwing, you can do it! I think I've clearly gained confidence in my three-point throws."

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