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Portland Trail Blazers Show Great Adjustment Ability and Defeat Los Angeles Clippers
Attractive night to enjoy 2 of the most competitive teams of the west Portland Trail Blazers face Los Angeles Clippers in a meeting that will be very interesting and with which you will observe the different concepts of these franchises. Source Game Summary With very good competitive level both teams began, the Clippers continued demonstrating their offensive power with their ability to climb quickly on the scoreboard, although Trail Blazers were looking for a way to adjust the defense did not let Clippers move far away on the scoreboard the team of the Angels wins the partial of the first period. Source Portland would improve in defense and the game became much more balanced, they would stop the offensive impulse that came showing the Clippers in the first quarter, and they would increase their volume of attack, they were making the adjustments that the encounter required and therefore everything became more interesting, finishes the first quarter 50 -52 up Clippers. Second Half Trail Blazers would continue to improve in their team work doing an excellent reading of the game discounting and taking the lead on the scoreboard, but Clippers would discount through their dynamic game, Portland would win the partial and lead the game. Source The opportune adjustments and performance of Trail Blazers would give them an advantage and they would continue adding in the scoreboard in a precise way, with 4 minutes left to play Portland had total control of the game and Clippers would have a hard time coming back, he would finish the match 125 - 104 in an excellent victory of Trail Blazers over Clippers. Details and Personal Analysis Much merit for the Portland Trial Blazers adapting very well the adjustments in the approach to the game of their rival the Angeles Clippers these who began with a great momentum, were controlled in defense by Trail Blazers who improved effectively in this aspect to curb the offensive load of the team of the Angels this advances the capacity of reaction that can have Portland in the playoffs, that's why this victory of Trail Blazers over Portland is extremely valuable. Best Performances CJ McCollum 35 Pts. 4 Reb. 4 Ast. Damian Lillard 20 Pts. 12 Ast. Jusuf Nurkic 20 Pts. 12 Reb. Let me know what you think if you read the publication or enjoyed the meeting.