NBA / deandre ayton

Phoenix beat the Golden State Warriors in the regular 2018-19 NBA season with 115-111.
Phoenix has not won a single game against Golden State since November 2014. It was 18 consecutive losses. On the same day, Phoenix showed its concentration in the airspace and succeeded in escaping from the tiresome streak. Golden State led the first quarter 29-16. But in the second quarter, Phoenix reversed the mood. I chased after him diligently at 40-28. He also made a come-from-behind win in the second quarter. This is because basketball, which is aimed at under the opponent's goal, and excellent energy levels have continued. Phoenix scored two-digit points, both Devin Booker, deandre ayton and kelly oubre jr, while Golden State co-produced a total of 33 points by klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Phoenix, which gained momentum in the second quarter, continued its performance in the third quarter. The Golden State is down in spirit. He couldn't pull himself up from both sides of the air. Especially, I felt sorry for my sense of fielding. I could not put in an open opportunity. He scored 14 points and only succeeded in one. The game between the two teams was hot until the end of the game. We went on a neck-and-neck race. First, Phoenix led the mood. Durant's ankle injury left him out of the game, and he scored consecutive goals including Booker, and oubre Junior. Golden State's concentration was good, too. The defense at the end of the game has improved. By pressing the opponent ball handler and inducing a turnover, the score gap was narrowed little by little. But there was no Golden State anti-war drama. With 23.7 seconds left, Curie didn't make a three-run shot, and then he fell to his knees with a turnover in the The main part of the victory was the Booker. Booker flew with 37 points and eight rebounds, 11 assists. On top of this, oubre Jr. added 22 points and 18 points and 9 rebounds. Although Thomson (28 points) and Durant (25 points) played for Golden State, it was regrettable that (18 points) was silent for FG 6/20 points.