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Golden State Warriors Break with Oppression and Defeat Houston Rockets
Great game Wednesday Houston Rockets face the Golden State Warriors in an extremely interesting and attractive game, the Rockets have the series in their favor having triumphed in previous games against Warriors and already begins to look like a dictatorship, but the bay team has the challenge of breaking with the oppression. Source Game Summary Excellent start of the Warriors with the adjustment of their offensive against a Rockets who also started well but the timely defense of Warriors stopped the momentum of the Houston perimeter team, taking a 10-digit advantage by winning the partial of the first quarter. Source Golden State would continue taking care of its advantage of 10 digits but it would arrive the reaction of Rockets by means of its star Harden who would begin to basket of effective form from the perimeter, discounting and they would enter again in the encounter, finishes the first time 54 - 52 up Warriors. Second Half Period extremely dynamic on the part of both teams, with great intensity where the response was immediate played with a rapid rotation of ball in search of the perimeter above all the Rockets, but Warriors maintained a short advantage that defended with their typical game, Warriors would win the quarter partial and lead the match. Source Warriors leaned on the advantage they maintained and continued to add points, with an increase of 12 points, although Rockets insisted on approaching in the course of this final period getting discounted, would place the game to 2 possessions, with the final minutes would win the one that achieved a better closing, without margin for error in the encounter the Warriors would get the victory over the Rockets 106 - 104. Details and Personal Analysis The 3 previous games where Warriors and Rockets saw each other, came out victorious on all those occasions the Rockets even without James Harden, this time Warriors without Durant had the challenge to change those results and started this encounter very well with an excellent offensive load from the first quarter, then as expected the Rockets reacted and approached the scoreboard, but Warriors were focused on the goal and kept the lead, were making a good game without Durant with excellent performances by Thompson, Cousins and Curry, who combined to boost the team, but Rockets had their perimeter that brought the game closer especially the James Harden Old School game that is always effective, everything would be defined in the last minutes and Warriors made a better close to take the victory and break the dominance of the Rockets. Best Performances Klay Thompson 30 Pts. 6 Reb. DeMarcus Cousins 27 Pts. 8 Reb. 7 Ast. Stephen Curry 24 Pts. 5 Reb. 4 Ast. Let me have your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.