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Warriors' Woes, Will Boogie Be The Ultimate Solution?
It is not that Warriors are really in a desperate situation but for a dominant champion team with almost all key players from last season intact, we are seeing some disconnect here. The Warriors are not playing to the level that they are capable of. While you may consider that other teams are already keeping up with their system of plays like being fast paced, unselfish, and fun basketball with lots of treys. With their seemingly All Star starting lineup they are expected to be the Juggernaut of the NBA, as it came out at this stage of the season they are playing like just one of the title contenders. Some may see it as just temporary situation. Draymond and Klay having their off nights, Steph coming from injury, Durant and Draymond verbal tussle after the Clippers' lose, etc.. It is undeniably urgent that the Warriors needs to fix their situation to come up as the champion team they need to be. Through game fundamentals, we see Warriors struggle a lot in terms of rebounding and defense and here is where most game analysts see DeMarcus Cousins can aid the Warriors. What is being debated is on how much of an impact can he be, not of if he can but only on the degree, what is settled is certainly he would be a force that would have an immediate positive effect on the Warriors' game. I think Boogie is not the one solution, Warriors' like any other sports team needs to work on many other aspect of their game. But on their current woes, I seriously think DeMarcus Cousins is the biggest impact player at their roster that can fill the void. I would like to see DeMarcus Cousins play this season and see Warriors play as unstoppable dominant team. I also would like to see how serious title contenders that are on the rise keep up with the Warriors' game. I am excited to see how the challenge play out especially late in the season and as the playoffs is coming. Here is a YouTube video from ESPN in discussion of the same topic: DeMarcus Cousins' return will solve all of Warriors' problems - Ryan Hollins | First Take You can also catch me on Hyperspace HyperSpace uses UBI (Universal Basic Income) principle to give all users FREE tokens every day. Tokens you can use to amplify other content and earn you more income. I am the admin of HyperSports where you can get real and be passionate about your teams or athletes by sharing to us contents about them. Also, visit our family's business website