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Oklahoma City Thunder scored a hard win.
IMAGE SOURCE Oklahoma City beat Portland Trail Blazers 129-121 in the regular season of the NBA 2018-19 in Portland Oregon, USA. Oklahoma City got away from a two-game losing streak and threw Houston Rockets back to third place in the Western Conference. Portland, on the other hand, fell into the fourth to fifth place in the second consecutive loss. Riding with Utah Jazz in sixth place was 1.5 games. From the beginning has been a tight game. In the first quarter, Oklahoma City Westbrook fired through his outskirts, but did not run away from the rebounding fight to an unnecessary foul. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 31-30. The second quarter was also engaged. Oklahoma City did not block Damian Lillard in the second quarter, but allowed a reversal, but scored a well-scored distribution and continued to score. Dennis Schroder also made the breakthrough and Portland finished the second quarter with 58-61. IMAGE SOURCE Portland was slightly ahead of the overall 61-58. Damian Lillard scored 21 points and C. J. McCollum scored 16 points for Portland. It did not feel good at night. But rebounding lead to lead. Oklahoma City's Paul George and Russell Westbrook each scored 18 points and 15 points, respectively. In the third quarter, it was a tie-up. Oklahoma City set up Westbrook and Schroder, and Portland put the fight back on Lillard's explosive power. Oklahoma City finished third in the third quarter with Westbrook leading off a surprise three-pointers to 85-83. Oklahoma City was in a downward spiral in the fourth quarter. Paul George, who had been quiet for a while, recovered from his attack, and Westbrook also flew to seven points for a short time, failing to block Portland's three-point shot. Oklahoma City then continued to tie in with the tie, and Westbrook, the final offense, had to take the extra time to make a mistake. But Oklahoma City was the strongest side. Westbrook's three-point shot helped Oklahoma City's Westbrook and Paul George scored in a consecutive 8-point lead over the Portland chase. With one free throw of Westbrook after a 1-minute shutout, Oklahoma City, who flew away in five starts, struck off Portland's offensive and won the match. In Portland, however, there was Lilad. With six minutes left in the game, the team succeeded in reversing the score. The city of Oklahoma was also incredible. Westbrook led the turnaround again with a 4-minute, 48-second shutdown. A fierce fight followed. The balance was maintained until the end of the game. The team that led the lead first was Oklahoma City. After 15.1 seconds, George missed the layup but Terrance Ferguson scored after the rebound. 113-111. Oklahoma City led Westbrook in the early stages of extra time. Portland went to pursue Lillard. However, the gap gradually widened over time. Oklahoma City's airborne energy level was better. With 39.2 seconds left in the game, Jerami Grant succeeded in a three-point play and put a wedge in the victory. IMAGE SOURCE Westbrook had a three-point bang in the fourth quarter and extra time in each of the last two games. Westbrook has been struggling for the rest of the season. The success rate of the three-point shoot, which was 34.4% in the 2016-2017 season, which won the regular league MVP, fell to 23.9% in November this year. After the last two seasons, the average triple doubles of the season (more than 10 points per game, assists, and rebounds) was the main cause of the criticism. As the season repeats, Westbrook is recovering the lost sense of fingertips. The three-point success rate, which has remained at around 20%, rose to 30.6% in February and soared to 41.7% in March. The average score also rose to 23.3 points, up three points from last month. In January and February, Paul George, who led the team with tremendous hard work, was relatively weak in March, while Westbrook had a "shot" and Oklahoma City was in third place in a tough Western Conference. The victors were Westbrook and George. Westbrook had 37 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, 3P 5/8, and George scored 32 points, 14 rebounds and six assists and three steals.