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NBA Playoffs 2nd Round: Portland Trail Blazers Defeat Denver Nuggets Closing Moving to Western Conference Finals
7th game to define the rival of the Golden State Warriors in the final of the western conference, between the Denver Nuggets in what will be a great duel against the Portland Trail Blazers where there is no tomorrow and only one can stay alive in an interesting and decisive encounter. Source Game Summary Nuggets started at home in front of their fans with a lot of energy taking advantage on the scoreboard of the game, Blazers were slow to react, the defense of the Nuggets also worked at par with the attack, ended the first quarter with Denver leading the game. Source At the level of intensity of the Nuggets it was noticeable higher than that of the Blazers, Denver showed his best basketball in the ideal moment, Blazers tried to discount improving their defense and discounting slowly, the offensive guide of the Nuggets was being Jokic who had an extremely effective performance, finishes the first half 48 - 39 up Nuggets. Second Half Blazers would discount and would be placed to 2 possessions of the Nuggets who would have to rethink the game, was evident the reaction of the Blazers who entered fully into the game with a good defense and better offense, ended the period with Blazers winning the partial and Nuggets leading the encounter by the minimum. Source The game took more intensity and the duel was extremely closed increasing the pressure, Nuggets lowered their defensive intensity and the Blazers took advantage, McCollum was being a key offensive factor in the aspirations of the Blazers, the game entered its most critical phase, Blazers won by 1 point and there were 29 seconds left in the game, McCollum was intractable and basketing in the specific moments, would finish the 96 - 100 match in a great victory for the Blazers eliminating the Nuggets and moving on to the western conference finals. Source Details and Personal Analysis It was a meeting of contrasts because at first the Nuggets started with a lot of aggressiveness leading the meeting with a lot of energy and dominated the first half with an excellent game approach. In the second half at the beginning of the 3rd quarter the Blazers began to discount in the scoreboard gradually with a lot of patience, when we reached the final period, the game was extremely closed and could win either team, but a better performance by Portland with its main guide in the CJ McCollum offensive who with a lot of character and excellent effectiveness would lead the Blazers to victory, Nuggets under the defensive intensity as well as the offensive effectiveness, the closing of Portland was excellent by eliminating the Nuggets from the race with a deserved triumph to get the pass to the western conference finals. Best Performances CJ McCollum 37 Pts. 9 Reb. 1 Ast. Evan Turner 14 Pts. 7 Reb. 2 Ast. Damian Lillard 13 Pts. 10 Reb. 8 Ast. Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.