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Devin Booker is Tired of Loosing
Image Source The Phoenix Suns are the worst team in the NBA these past few years and they couldn't get out of the slump and find the winning culture that they had in Steve Nash's era. Despite having high draft picks, the Suns still couldn't find success and they are still stacked at the bottom of the Western Conference. They had a lot of young talents. We can't argue with that, but the lack of leadership and experience is holding them back. Their core is great and they had young talented players with very high potentials like Josh Jackson, TJ Warren, Devin Booker and now DeAndre Ayton. I won't include Dragan Bender here because he is clearly a bust in my eyes. TJ Warren was a steal. He is a great small forward who can score 20 points on a nightly basis if given enough minutes and touches that he needs to get it going. Josh Jackson is an athletic forward/guard that has a very high ceiling. Remember that the Cavs tried to acquire him in a trade but the Suns kept him and make him untouchable. He had some good games where he showed his athleticism and scoring ability. He also has the potential to be a good perimeter defender and his athleticism helps him to be a good shot blocker and he shows that in some games. Image Source Devin Booker is absolutely Phoenix's franchise player and he will be that man in the coming years for the Suns. Booker is the hope for the Suns and fans believes that Booker can bring the winning culture back in Phoenix. He's still young and I think more experience can make him a better leader and a superstar in the future. Now, with the help of DeAndre Ayton, the Suns looks like they are ready to compete. Just a few pieces and veteran help is enough for them to already compete with other teams. They need a true point guard right now and some veterans who can help them mentally. The talent is already there. In my personal view, I think the Suns can be better next season or 2 more seasons. Booker is too young to lead this team but I see the eagerness in him. He wants to win. He don't want to join forces with other stars and form a super team. He wants to develop his talents and his team's talent to compete by themselves without forming a super team. Image Source Booker is averaging 24.5 points, 6.6 assists and 4.0 rebounds this season. In an interview, Booker expressed his frustrations about now making the playoffs. He said that he is done with not making the playoffs and he is dead serious about it. He also stated that last season is probably the last season that he will not make the playoffs.That was a huge statement coming from a young player. Now, after saying that, he has a lot to prove to himself and to the fans. The pressure is on now. The Suns didn't had a great start this season and they are at the 15th seed in the Western Conference with an 8 - 24 record. The Suns are currently having a nice momentum as they won in their last four games. Is it the start of the winning culture they wanted to achieve? Can Booker continue to carry the Suns and bring the team to the playoffs? Let's find out.