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Steph Curry is The Warriors Winning System Not Durant Or Anyone Else.
I wrote this article because of the interesting piece of article I read by NBA INSIDER TOM HABERSTROH at I find it intriguing and convincing at the same time as this is back by unquestionable data. As they always say, numbers don't lie, It talks about the fact how important is Steph Curry to Golden State Warriors, that without him, Warriors is just another solid team. With Curry around without the other big three, namely Durant, Thompson, and Green, they are still a formidable team that can dominate the NBA and possibly wins another championship. The article actually did some nice research on the numbers and here is the result. Since 2014-15, Golden State is just 23-22 without Curry in uniform, outscored by a troubling 53 points in the middle of a dynasty. Actually, without KD, the Warriors are still super dominant. Golden State is plus-14.8 with Curry, Thompson, and Green playing without Durant. What happens when you also remove Thompson and sit him on the bench next to Durant? Same result: The Warriors are still at the top of the food chain, registering a plus-13.9 in 526 minutes with Curry and Green on the floor without the help of Durant or Thompson. Now, let's take Draymond out of the equation and leave Curry by himself a cast of role players. No Durant. No Thompson. No Green. With Curry rolling solo, the Warriors are still plus-14.3. Simply put, Golden State Warriors without the arguably best NBA player right now (Durant), the Defensive Player of the Year (Green), and perhaps one of the best pure shooters ever in the NBA (Thompson); GSW offense scores 116.6 points per 100 possessions in these lineups, which would be the league-leading offensive rating this season. We can actually see through these numbers that without Curry, Warriors cannot be a dominant team in the NBA much less to win a championship. I am actually so impressed with the write up that I created a video version of it and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. Enjoy watching, please excuse me with the quality as I am still trying to learn how to expertly use this software of article to video conversion. ===================================================================== A little bit about me: I believe blockchain will disrupt many top industries today one of which is the social media. I believe that with blockchain we users will be provided with more equitable rewards than its centralized counterpart. There are so many platforms out there right now but based on my experience these are the best 3 for me: 1. WildSpark 2. Scorum 3. Steemit Don't miss out on the updates, please WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL icon to get notified every time I upload a new video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Check me out on LinkedIn and read my latest article inside Join WildSpark . Get paid just by creating or sharing good contents from the internet. Receive FREE Amps so you can use it to grow and earn more amps. (Success Tip: Amplify at least 1 amp to the top ten trending videos at the Home page every time and watch it being naturally re-amped then you earn without much effort.)

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