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The Golden State Warriors lost with Miami Heat after Dwyane Wade's 3-pointer in the last moments.
Golden State Warriors lost to Miami Heat 125:126. The last throw in the match, along with the final siren, determined the victory of the Miami Heat. The hero was experienced Dwyane Wade, who announced the end of his career after this season. source Recently Miami Heat had six defeats in a row on their own floorand the visit of the defenders of the title Golden State Warriors heralded further trouble. The hosts, however, started very well, from winning the first quarter 32:22. In the second quarter Heat were still leading, mainly due to the phenomenal attitude of Goran Dragić. Till the halfway the Croatian quarterback had already scored 25 points, of which he threw 20 in the second quarter. This is a club record when it comes to the points of a reserve player in one quarter of the meeting. "Dragon", as fans call Dragić, had in this part of the match great 69 seconds, in which he scored 11 points. At the halfway point, the basketball team from Miami led 74:59, their highest advantage in the first half was of even 25 point. The third and fourth quarters are a chase performed by the Golden State Warriors. The pursuit was so successful that in the close end GSW after free throws perfromed by Kevin Durant (accuarte one of two) led two points. The last action could be carried out by hosts from Florida, but they did not have any break on demand. The idea of gaining valuable points had to be created very quickly and it was given to the "D-Wade" and his throw for three. Everything seemed lost when his first attempt was blocked by Jordan Bell. At the defender of Miami, Kevin Durant was also at that time, but the ball fell again into Wade's hands and he gave a situational throw bouncing off the floor with one leg. The ball fell into the basket equally with the final siren, and the result changed to 126:125. Below you can watch this epic moment:

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