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NBA Talk #10: LeBron James made a huge mistake calling himself the G.O.A.T.
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another interesting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA Talk. Today, we will talk about LeBron James and his statement that he is the Greatest Player of all time. Let's do this! What does it take to be the GOAT? what do you think? Is it the number of championships?the awards? And who do you think is the GOAT? Most of us believes that Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time but some people consider LeBron James as the greatest. Both of these players are one of the best but in my own opinion, this is a debate that can never end. This long-battled debate will never end and people should just believe what they want to believe. I think we all have our own opinions and everybody cannot agree with each other. Let's just each have our Greatest Player of all time of our own and forget about the debate. Recently, LeBron made a big statement and expressed his feelings about being the GOAT. LeBron has been very honest in expressing his feelings when talking about the topic. This is what he has to say: Here is the video. Video Source LeBron just let his emotions out and he's just being true to himself but the ugly thing about it is because he said it publicly. That was a huge mistake. The GOAT does not declare himself as the GOAT but other people do that for him. Let other people say that you are the GOAT. I think that if you are the greatest player of all time, you don't have to say it and it should not be coming from you. Let other people tell you that you are the GOAT. That is how you are going to be the real GOAT. MJ never said that he is the GOAT. People say that to him. When he was asked about the GOAT conversation, he was too humble to answer the questions and he just simply showed respect to the greatest players who ever plays the game of basketball. I agree with him on saying that we can never know who is totally the greatest ever because they all played in different eras. He can never say that he is better than Jerry West or Wilt Chamberlain because he never played against them so saying that he is better than them, that would be a total disrespect for those players. Video Source What do you think basketball fans? Are you with me in this one? Did MJ answered the question clearly? What do you think about LeBron's statement? Maybe we just sometimes misunderstood LeBron and that's just how he is. Both these players are the one of the greatest of all time but the truth is we cannot totally compare two players that played in different eras. Let's just appreciate them and enjoyed watching history. That is all for today folks! I'll leave you with a short video of the last minutes of the game where LeBron felt that he was the greatest player of all time. Leave your comments down here and let's have some basketball talk! :) Video Source