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Kevin Durant is unlikely to be seen in the game against the Houston Rockets.
IMAGE SOURCE Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets will face each other at Houston Toyota Center in the NBA regular season game 2018-2019 Golden State's Kevin Durant (Forward, 208cm, 108.9kg) will miss the away game against Houston Rockets. It was reported that Golden State's Steve Kerr had not personally trained Durant. Durant is currently on the list of injured players due to a right ankle injury. This time Durant was not able to enter the game, so the signboards representing the team in the face-to-face match between the two teams became vacant. Stephen Curry (Golden State), Chris Paul (Houston), and James Harden (Houston) were each injured. Coincidentally, Durant does not run this time. Golden State and Houston were in the final round of the Western Conference finals until the seventh game. Houston's top seed earned a home court advantage when Golden State was pinched by the rise of 'Fantastic4'. In the western final, Andre Iguodala (Golden State) was unable to step on the court in the early stages of the series. Both teams are not the same season as last season, but they are still considered to be the most likely candidates. The Golden State had a tremendous momentum before the second half, and Houston has rallied nine consecutive wins in the second half. If the two teams play in the playoffs, it is anticipated that the match will be played again. The game to be played on the day can be seen as a skirmish before the playoffs. Ranking can also have a big impact on the fight. Golden State has been at the top of the nervous conference, and Houston has dramatically reduced its gap with Denver Nuggets. Depending on the results of the match, there may be a bigger crack in the top part of the western part. IMAGE SOURCE Durant had 27.4 points (.513, .359 .881), 6.7 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 1.2 blocks in 35 games in 65 games this season. He has been playing the most time since transferring to Golden State, and his average score has increased for three consecutive seasons. It also means that the reliance on Durant has increased a little more. The rebound has fallen for three consecutive seasons, but the assists have increased. During the previous two seasons, injuries prevented him from playing more than 70 games per season. As he missed out on the Houston tournament, his second round was confirmed this season. It is necessary to recover both injury and physical strength while resting as much as he could rest. Unfortunately, it was hard to see the two teams working at 100% power. The injured Kevin Durant is missing in the game. Durant left the court when he was injured on his right ankle during a game against Phoenix. Golden State, who played without Durant, eventually suffered a shocking defeat against Western Minority Phoenix. Fortunately, it is not a serious injury. Durant is now known to have a bruise on his ankle. But Golden State is going to let Durant relax in the protection of players. Durant did not participate in team training. Meanwhile, Houston, who has no injury, is expected to play regularly in this game. Harden, who recently suffered an injury on his right forearm, was diagnosed with a major injury. Houston is currently in third place in the West with 9 consecutive wins. He's chasing Denver for 1.5 games and Golden State for 3.5 games. Houston, meanwhile, has been very strong in the Golden State this season. All three times in the previous match, Houston hit the Golden State. On January 4th, there was no Chris Paul and Clint Capela, and on February 24th, Houston defeated Golden State on the road without James Harden.