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December 1st, 1990 - Patrick Ewing scores field goal career high
An unforgettable evening for all the Knicks fans at the venerable Madison Square Garden in New York. The last 5 games of the New York Knicks hadn't been so outstanding and successful, and also the match against Charlotte Hornet first didn't seem go well and in the first quarter the hosts were already 12 points behind. But then the big show began and in the second quart New York came furiously back after a 13-0 run. Ewing, who in the first quarter only came on 6 points, especially at the beginning of the game missed many of his throws, but increased more and more in the course of this game and came up with 11, 14 and 19 points in the remaining quarters. His last 9 points he scored within only 63 seconds. Until the end of the game, the Knicks managed to keep the Hornets at a distance, but Charlotte managed to get closer to only 5 points. New York turned up the heat again and put on another 20-8 series, from which the last 9 points were on a superior Ewing.Ewing on fire Creative Commons source The Knicks center scored 22 goals from the field, the best performance in his entire career, and scored a total of 50 points, which was his second best performance on the court, just one point less than at the defeat to Boston Celtics in March of the same year. The Hornets simply couldn't find a way against the bustling Ewing, who could be found anywhere on the pitch at any time. The rebound statistics of 47-27 too speak clearly for the Knicks. Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley each had 15 rebounds and played a big part in the hosts reaching a clear field superiority. The end of the season was then not really successful for the Knicks. New York ended the Eastern Conference in 8th place and just slipped into the play-offs, but were eliminated in the first round by the later champion Chicago Bulls. Nevertheless, this evening in New York's Madison Square Garden was a highlight particularly in the career of Patrick Ewing, who could finally pick up where he left off. He was one of the great basketball players of his time, who although he never won the NBA Champion title, was twice inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. In the early 1990s, a boy with red Patrick Ewing shoes was often seen on the outskirts of East-Berlin. According to well-informed sources, these treasures are still stored in a well-protected hiding place today. It seems the boy, who has grown up for a long time now, will have to stop by again soon.