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Sacramento Kings Earns Excellent Closing Victory Over Phoenix Suns
Saturday night to enjoy another competitive NBA game, this time Sacramento Kings faces Phoenix Suns in another attractive game from the world's best league. Source Game Summary Suns showed in their performance a high offensive volume and surprised the home, the Kings barely flowed with part of their game and had a loose start, Suns took an obvious advantage and win the partial of the first period. Source At the beginning of the quarter the same tonic continued on the part of both teams and the advantage of the Suns was maintained, but in the remaining minutes of the period would come the reaction of the Kings when discounting the advantage and placing the game to a single possession, would finish the first time 47 - 53 up Suns. Second Half With a lot of energy the Kings began the second half and in several effective offensive transitions would equal the encounter, Suns lowered the intensity in their defense and would neglect in instances the attack of the Kings who would win the partial of the period and would pass to lead the encounter. Source In these instances of the encounter the game became more competitive and with greater balance in the attack and balance of both teams, evidently the one that closed better could take the victory, Kings maintained the advantage of a single possession with 4 minutes to play, Kings would adjust their defense and close effectively with better performed the closing of the quarter, finishes the encounter 112 - 103 in an excellent triumph for the Kings over the Suns. Details and Personal Analysis Phoenix Suns began with the dominance of the encounter but a timely reaction of the King at the end of the second quarter balance the actions in the game, in the second half the Sacramento team became more concentrated and with an improvement in their attack and defense to go up in the encounter, the last period was the most competitive of all and the teams in a closed game only had to make fewer mistakes to get the duel, the home team the Kings made a great close, the Suns were a little lethargic and in the last minutes Kings gets the victory over the Suns. Best Performances Buddy Hield 25 Pts. 7 Reb. Harrison Barnes 25 Pts. 6 Reb. Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.

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