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Los Angeles Clippers Overcome Utah Jazz in Overtime at Close of Regular Season
Attractive encounter between teams qualified in the west for the playoffs, Utah Jazz faces the Angeles Clippers in a match that would close the regular season. Source Game Summary Clippers started the match with a lot of motivation and an explosive game, so much so that they would take an obvious advantage, they would score almost 40 points in the first quarter, Jazz did not have 2 of their stellar pieces Mitchell and Gobert, in addition the defensive level of Utah was not the best, ends the period with the Clippers leading the game with a wide advantage. Source Los Angeles continued applying the same strategy and hit constantly from the paint to the Jazz, who were not in defense, Clippers showed their dynamic game and continued up, although Utah tried to discount and prevented the Clippers from continuing to move away, Jazz would have a reaction with 2 minutes to play and would place the game to 2 positions, ends the first half 66 - 70 up Clippers. Second Half The game in this room would be more competitive, the teams fought each position as if it were the last, the meeting reached its maximum balance, utah would lower a little intensity in defense and Clippers would take advantage of the downturn and go up some positions, ends the room with the Clippers leading the encounter. Source The match was still closed and the teams despite being playing with their substitutes, were making their maximum effort, the game closed the regular season and these bench players wanted to be taken into account for the next challenge of the playoffs, Clippers executed better offensive plays and would take the lead in some positions, Utah tried to discount, would be placed at 1 position, with 1 minute to play, would be equalized and would go to extra time. Overtime They would start scoring the Clippers in extra time and would go up by 2 poses, Jazz was running out of fuel and Clippers would be closing the extra period better, ends the match with victory for Clippers 137 - 143 over Utah. Details and Personal Analysis The encounter at the beginning was dominated by the Clippers but at the end of the second period there was an excellent reaction of the Jazz that made them wake up and put them fully into the encounter, from then on the game became more competitive and was a battle where they exchange the leadership to each position, the game came equal to the final instances of the last quarter and had to resort to extra time to define the actions, in this additional period the clippers played with better and more energy, adjusted the defense and could beat a bench of Utah Jazz that ran out of fuel in the last instances of the journey. Best Performances Montrezl Harrel 24 Pts. 7 Reb. 5 Ast. Ivica Zubac 22 Pts. 11 Reb. Lou Williams 15 Pts. 5 Reb. 5 Ast. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.

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