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Denver Nuggets Returns Favor to San Antonio Spurs with a Home Victory
Denver Nuggets team leading the west conference faces Spurs again who won the meeting they had for days and have the opportunity to return the favor at home, attractive game on Friday night NBA. Source Game Summary Hernangomez starts with the first 2 points of the scoreboard, Jokic converts a shot from the perimeter, Jokic assists Murray who achieves an excellent basket, Bertans converts an effective shot from the perimeter, Murray converts a great shot of 3 points, Beasley hits a medium distance shot, Jokic hits an excellent penetration basket, Lyles with good moves hits near the basket, Morris assists Beasley with a great Alley-Oop, Belinelli scores a 3-point shot, finishes fourth 31 - 23 up Nuggets. Beasley turns a big basket into penetration and gets the foul, baskets the extra, DeRozan baskets a medium distance float, Beasley scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Craig scores an excellent shot from the perimeter, Murray scores a great shot from the 3 point line, Plumlee recovers the offensive rebound and scores 2 points, Alridge scores near the basket, Murray scores mid-distance basket, Murray converts from the 3 point line, Belinelli assists Alridge who turns it over and gets the foul, converts the extra, Mills scores 3 points, Murray basket per board, finishes the first half 61 - 47 up Nuggets. Source Second Half Alridge hits the ball into an offensive rebound, Jokic wins the position and scores the basket, Hernangomez assists Murray who scores the basket, Forbes scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Jokic assists Craig who scores the basket, DeRozan overturns it alone, DeRozan assists White who overturns it in great shape, Jokic scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Alridge scores a tray in penetration, Beasley scores a tray in quick break, Alridge penetrates and overturns the ball, Murray scores a tray, finishes the 3rd quarter 78 - 75 up Nuggets. DeRozan scores a tray in penetration, Murray scores with a mid-range turn, DeRozan penetrates and overturns the ball, Jokic in a mid-range basket, then Alridge responds with a basket near the basket, Alridge assists Poeltl who converts the basket, Craig makes a change of direction in penetration and basket basket, Murray scores a float in penetration, Jokic spins and basket in penetration, finishes the match 102 - 99 in an excellent victory for Denver Nuggets over San Antonio Spurs. Source Details and Personal Analysis An excellent match where the first half the percentage of field from the perimeter for Nuggets was extremely high, then from the second half Spurs exponentially improved its defense and equal the score, but Denver continued fighting to maintain its advantage and in the final minutes the game is decided in favor of Nuggets in a closed final where Nuggets wins by a margin of 3 points over the San Antonio Spurs. Best Performances Jamal Murray 31 Pts. 6 Reb. Nikola Jokic 21 Pts. 9 Reb. 9 Ast. Malik Beasley 21 Pts. 3 Reb. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the game or read the publication.

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